Which shower to buy?


When the time comes to buy a shower for your home, people can often feel daunted by the range of different shower types on the market. Because of this, choosing which shower to buy can be a tough decision if you don’t know what you’re after. Here are 5 most common shower types and why you might choose them for your bathroom.

Power showers

Many people’s first reaction when asked which shower to buy is a power shower. This is because a power shower is known for the pressure and speed with which it can deliver water, which often means quicker, more satisfying showers. What many people might not know however, is that a power shower is sometimes not always possible to install. It requires a shower pump to be installed at the same time, and this pump relies on a cistern as opposed to a combi boiler or Multipoint system.  Power showers can sometimes be noisy, and wasteful of water, so those who are mindful of water usage should steer clear.

Electric showers

The beauty of an electric shower is that it doesn’t rely on a boiler to heat water. Hot water is produced on demand without having to wait for it to heat up. When people are wondering which shower to buy, the ease with which it can be installed is usually a contributing factor, and the electric shower is one of the easiest showers to install. It’s important to bear in mind that if you want something powerful, you should look for a shower with a high kilowatt usage.

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Eco showers

For those who want to save on water and energy costs, this type of shower might appeal. An eco shower can help you to save on water, and is ideal for those who want a sustainable solution when deciding on which shower to buy. Eco showers can save up to 50% on water usage, and are available in either electric or mixer types.

Mixer showers

A mixer shower is suitable for homes which have a combi boiler or a hot water cylinder, and can be installed for both high and low pressure water supplies. This type of shower can deliver a good rate of flow, and delivers water from both the hot and cold water supplies at the same time. When thinking about which shower to buy, bear in mind that a shower such as a mixer shower will draw water from the same source as your other taps and fixtures, so the shower may not work at the same capacity if these are in use.

Shower towers

The shower tower has a slightly different appearance than a conventional shower in that it has a stacked or panelled appearance. This shower type features different showering options such as bodyjets, which allow for water to come from different points other than the shower head. Whilst high on novelty factor, it must be noted that these showers are only suitable for homes with a high water pressure, although this can also be remedied with a pump.