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  • How to stop condensation in your home

    Are you tired of battling to stop condensation? There are certain jobs that generate moisture vapour in your home. Your daily activities such as cooking, showering, drying clothes indoors and steam ironing can all contribute to it forming. Fortunately, managing this excess water vapour and ensuring adequate ventilation can often be done by yourself at […]

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  • Mercury lamps in the UK: Are you adhering to new regulations?

    The UK government’s decision to phase out mercury-containing light bulbs (referred to as lamps by electricians) is close to completion. After a public comment process started in July 2021, it aims to reduce the release of toxic chemicals that can harm us, our wildlife and the environment. As part of the UK’s broader efforts to […]

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  • How to get an electrical safety test certificate: what is an EICR?

    If you rarely think about electrical systems, you’re not alone. As they say: out of sight, out of mind. This means you’re less likely to consider the effects of potential damage or wear and tear until you’re looking to get an electrical safety test certificate or a fault has already occurred.  All fixed wire electrical […]

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  • Upgrading your spotlights | Replacing halogen bulbs with LED lights

    If you still haven’t made the switch from halogen to LED spotlights, you’re probably spending a lot more on your electricity bills than you need to. LEDs are far more efficient, using around 10% of the energy it takes to run a halogen light. It’s why the UK government, thinking of an eco-friendly future, banned […]

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  • Common questions about electric car charger installation

    If you’ve thought about investing in an electric vehicle (EV), but wonder about the logistics of ownership, you’re not alone. The increase in public electric car charger installation points only goes so far, and how and when people charge is still a big concern. It’s especially tough for people living in flats, who either have […]

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  • Do you need a surge protection device (SPD)?

    Hollywood films show solar flares and electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) as world-changing events. They always cause wide-spread carnage, making for a better movie-going experience. While they might appear exaggerated, these threats do exist – just not typically on the ‘doom and gloom’ national level you’ll see in the cinema. Instead, the effects can be much more […]

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  • Damp & Mould, Pests & Vermin: Is Your Home Making You Sick?

    What You Need To Know About The Homes (Fit For Habitation) Act Almost half of UK renters say they’ve been injured or suffered illness due to the condition of their home, according to a nationally-representative study* of 1,000 UK renters conducted on behalf of Aspect. 44% of people who are currently renting, or have rented […]

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  • Interest in electrician careers spikes on A-Level results day

    Interest in skilled trades spiked on August 15th 2019, the day that most students in England and Wales received news of their A-Level results. According to Google Trends data, electrics appeared to be the career most searchers were interested in, as search traffic for phrases such as “electrician salary” and “electrician apprenticeships” more than doubled […]

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  • How to sell a house with a missing Electrical Installation Certificate

    Are you thinking about putting your house on the market? If you are, you’ll probably be thinking more about the kerb appeal of the property rather than any misfiled paperwork. However, a missing Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) can cause delays when you find a buyer. This is because the conveyancing process can be held up. […]

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  • The most common property maintenance questions

    Is my roof leaking or is it condensation? Why is my ceiling cracking? Is my shower making me sick? We’ve answered the UK’s most Googled property maintenance questions They may sound like odd things to ponder, but they’re just some of the most commonly asked home maintenance questions in the UK. Our experts have been […]

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  • Installing a washing machine

    It can be difficult to know how to proceed when installing a washing machine for the first time, and we get lots of calls from customers who need our assistance. If you are planning on doing the job yourself, you should always read the manufacturer’s instructions first, as machines vary. Here are some useful tips […]

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  • An electrician’s guide on how to fix a tripped fuse

    Any kind of major electrical fault around the house will need to be repaired by a professional electrician. However, that said, there are a few everyday electrical tasks that aren’t complicated, or dangerous, which you could attempt yourself. The most important thing to remember is to switch off and unplug whatever it is you need […]

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