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  • Does the air conditioning at work impact my performance?

    Study reveals that uncomfortable temperatures are affecting the UK workforce The UK’s workplaces are – in general – too cold for women and too hot for men, according to a nationally representative study* of 2,000 UK adults conducted on behalf of Aspect. The research, commissioned to explore the issues faced by the UK workforce concerning […]

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  • Autumn home maintenance issues that leave homeowners feeling uneasy

    64% of UK residents feel ‘unsettled’ in their homes due to unexplained issues, according to a nationally representative study* of 2,000 UK adults. The study, which asked UK residents to talk about different issues around their home, found that unexplained knocking and tapping sounds, cold spots and even rooms with a ‘strange aura’ were among […]

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  • Psychology behind home improvement and the influence of Airbnb, social media and Netflix

    Changing Front Doors & Replacing Windows Are Examples Of “The Portobello Road Effect” What is the Portobello Road effect? If you’ve ever noticed certain streets in your neighbourhood looking somewhat ‘coordinated’ perhaps three consecutive houses with the same paint job, or a cluster of properties with identical shutters, doors or any other external stylistic flourish […]

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  • Damp & Mould, Pests & Vermin: Is Your Home Making You Sick?

    What You Need To Know About The Homes (Fit For Habitation) Act Almost half of UK renters say they’ve been injured or suffered illness due to the condition of their home, according to a nationally-representative study* of 1,000 UK renters conducted on behalf of Aspect. 44% of people who are currently renting, or have rented […]

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  • Interest in electrician careers spikes on A-Level results day

    Interest in skilled trades spiked on August 15th 2019, the day that most students in England and Wales received news of their A-Level results. According to Google Trends data, electrics appeared to be the career most searchers were interested in, as search traffic for phrases such as “electrician salary” and “electrician apprenticeships” more than doubled […]

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  • Do You Suffer From Being In An Unpleasant Workplace Environment?

    Sewage Smells, Plumbing Leaks & Poor Lighting: We’ve Uncovered The Most Common Workplace Complaints From sewage smells and vermin to shabby carpets and grotty bathrooms, many of the UK’s workplaces are unpleasant, uncomfortable and at risk of driving down productivity and morale, according to new research* from Aspect. A nationally representative poll of 2,000 people […]

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  • What you need to know if you’re looking for a CORGI registered gas engineer

    Being a CORGI registered gas engineer was historically a sign of competence and reliability. It would often be the first thing a consumer would ask a tradesperson about. But CORGI, officially The Council for Registered Gas Installers, is no longer the official register for gas engineers. It hasn’t been for over a decade. CORGI was […]

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  • The causes of condensation at home and how to reduce it

    When water droplets form naturally on the inside of your windows or walls, this is condensation. Signs that you have significant condensation problems in your house include streaming windows, peeling wallpaper, mould growth and a musty smell. To ensure your property and health doesn’t suffer adverse effects, reduce condensation wherever possible. What is condensation and […]

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  • Detecting leaks in mains water supply pipes

    A higher than expected bill from your water supply company is sometimes a good indication of a leak, however, there could be a number of other reasons too. This article covers: Reasons why your water bill could be higher than usual Who’s responsible for fixing a leak in your mains supply What to do if […]

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  • How to sell a house with a missing Electrical Installation Certificate

    Are you thinking about putting your house on the market? If you are, you’ll probably be thinking more about the kerb appeal of the property rather than any misfiled paperwork. However, a missing Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) can cause delays when you find a buyer. This is because the conveyancing process can be held up. […]

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  • What causes banging noises in plumbing pipework?

    With the exception of the gentle sound of water rushing through pipes, plumbing pipework shouldn’t make much noise. The problem can occur on either cold water or central heating pipework. If you hear a mechanical or banging noise whenever you open or close a tap or valve don’t ignore it.   What causes plumbing pipes […]

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  • 20% Off For NHS Staff

    We wanted to say a huge thank you to all NHS, emergency and social workers. The work you do to keep us all safe is amazing. From everyone at Aspect we would like to express our deep gratitude for the expertise, care and bravery shown by all frontline NHS workers and support staff in helping to […]

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  • Social Distancing Guidelines

    UPDATE 31 October 2020: As always, we remain open for business to help you with any property maintenance issue, 24/7 throughout the November lockdown. Our tradespeople are equipped with PPE and sanitising products, and follow social distancing advice too. If you do have any concerns, please contact our team. Our tradespeople are continuing to provide […]

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  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy & Updates

    UPDATE 31 October 2020: As always, we remain open for business to help you with any property maintenance issue, 24/7 throughout the November lockdown. Our tradespeople are equipped with PPE and sanitising products, and follow social distancing advice too. If you do have any concerns, please contact our team. We’ve been closely monitoring Government health […]

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  • ​Toilet plumbing: Common types of toilet repair

    At Aspect, we get hundreds of calls from people who need toilet plumbing jobs done in their properties. Toilet repair isn’t a job for the faint hearted though; whether it’s an issue with the flush or a problem with a leaking tank, lots of things can go wrong and it’s important to be able to […]

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  • How to unblock a sink

    One of the most common problems our London plumbers and drainage engineers are called out for is blocked kitchen sinks. Food waste is the main culprit for these nasty clogs, and if they’re not tackled correctly, they could lead to more serious drainage issues. However with our simple tips, you can learn how to unblock […]

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  • ​London plumber or gas engineer?

    The world of plumbing and heating can be a confusing place but at Aspect, we have the answers. At Aspect, we often hear from customers who are confused over which type of London plumber or engineer they need for a particular job which needs to be done in their property. A common question is ‘do […]

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