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  • Water meter leaking: who is responsible?

    If you think you’ve got a water meter leak, you’ll want to get the problem sorted as soon as possible. You might be charged for water you haven’t used if you leave the leak unresolved. Often, a leaking water meter isn’t noticed until you check it. We’d encourage everyone to look at their water meter […]

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  • Garden drainage solutions to fix waterlogging

    If your outdoor space is waterlogged, there are a range of garden drainage solutions available to choose from. Not only does standing water make your garden look unsightly and difficult to use, but flooding can stop plants and grass from growing. Before you think about installing a garden drainage solution, there are several things to […]

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  • What does an electrical safety check involve? What to expect

    These days most people recognise the importance of electrical safety checks in their home. However, “What does an electrical safety check involve?” is a question that many homeowners and landlords ask. That’s why we’ve created this simple breakdown to go through what you can expect during an electrical safety check. Read on to find out […]

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  • How to stop condensation in your home

    Are you tired of battling to stop condensation? There are certain jobs that generate moisture vapour in your home. Your daily activities such as cooking, showering, drying clothes indoors and steam ironing can all contribute to it forming. Fortunately, managing this excess water vapour and ensuring adequate ventilation can often be done by yourself at […]

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  • Mercury lamps in the UK: Are you adhering to new regulations?

    The UK government’s decision to phase out mercury-containing light bulbs (referred to as lamps by electricians) is close to completion. After a public comment process started in July 2021, it aims to reduce the release of toxic chemicals that can harm us, our wildlife and the environment. As part of the UK’s broader efforts to […]

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  • Gutter guard maintenance | They’re not a trouble-free option

    Homeowners often believe that gutter guards help to reduce the amount of debris falling into their gutters and blocking downpipes. But, installing gutter guards doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. Nor does it mean that you should neglect regular gutter maintenance – far from it. If you do, it can lead to blockages of stagnant water […]

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  • Insulation of old houses to improve energy efficiency

    If you’re wondering how to make your old house energy efficient without sacrificing its external character and style, there’s a special technique for homes with single skin walls called solid wall insulation. Investing in wall insulation not only helps you save on heating bills, but it can improve the energy efficiency of your property and […]

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  • How to unblock a toilet | Expert tips

    Ever felt the panic of when you flush the toilet, and the water starts rising ominously close to the rim? Truthfully, it’s happened to most of us, as toilet blockages are a common household problem. Our drainage experts have provided a comprehensive guide on how to unblock a toilet. The article walks you through the […]

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  • How to get an electrical safety test certificate: what is an EICR?

    If you rarely think about electrical systems, you’re not alone. As they say: out of sight, out of mind. This means you’re less likely to consider the effects of potential damage or wear and tear until you’re looking to get an electrical safety test certificate or a fault has already occurred.  All fixed wire electrical […]

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  • “Help, my toilet is constantly running water” | Expert advice

    Are you tired of listening to the incessant sound of your toilet constantly running water? Not only is it irritating, but it’s wasting precious water and increasing your water bill. In fact, the BBC reported that 400 million litres of water are estimated to leak from UK toilets every day. In this article, our experts […]

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  • Upgrading loft insulation: How much loft insulation do I need?

    The government has plans to increase the minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating in the coming years to make homes in the U.K. more energy efficient. This means that it’s a good idea to consider making home improvements to help boost your rating. Your loft insulation is a great place to start.  Installed correctly, a […]

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  • Fire door installation regulations for residential properties

    New updates to government fire door installation regulations mean that more residential properties are required to have fire doors fitted. Fire door installation regulations are legal obligations and could amount to serious consequences if ignored, including fines, invalid insurance, and prosecution in the event of a fire. So, how do you know if your property […]

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  • How to maintain your drains with high-pressure water jetting

    When was the last time you thought about having to maintain your external drains at home? If you haven’t had any blockages or unpleasant smells recently, the chances are, you probably haven’t. But, regular drain maintenance shouldn’t be kept from any homeowner’s maintenance list. Substances from the kitchen sink, baths, showers, bathroom sinks and toilets, […]

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  • How to prepare walls and ceilings for painting

    It’s exciting to redecorate a room in a new colour or style. But as eager as you might be to just get going, it’s important to remember one thing: the better you prepare, the better and longer lasting the finish will usually be. You shouldn’t just apply a new coat of paint to a problematic […]

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  • How to improve air conditioning efficiency to save energy

    With global warming increasing temperatures in Britain to record levels in 2022, Brits are bracing themselves for another hot summer. Naturally, the spike in temperature is increasing demand for domestic air conditioning across the country. In 2021, the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy estimated that households will require up to 85% of the […]

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  • Why is your boiler losing pressure? A comprehensive guide

    Most UK homes currently use a gas boiler to provide heating and hot water. Even with regular maintenance, issues can and often do happen. One of the most common faults is system pressure loss. When the boiler’s pressure drops below 0.9 bar of pressure, it may cut out as a safety measure; this could leave […]

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  • Central heating flushing advice from expert engineers

    Is your central heating system ready for the change in seasons? Corrosion of pipes and radiators that create a “dirty” system can reduce its efficiency. As well as increasing heating bills, this can result in boiler problems that eventually cause it to break down. Regular central heating maintenance by a Gas Safe-registered engineer will help […]

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