Local Drain Unblocking Services

Blocked drains can have a huge effect on your lifestyle. Even the smallest clog may grow into a major problem as it collects more debris – stopping the flow of water altogether. At Aspect, we can remove any blockage, no matter its size or origin. From grease clogs connected to pipes from kitchen sinks, to tree root ingress in external drain pipes, our engineers have the skills to clear drains quickly and efficiently.

We build trust with hundreds of customers each month. We do this by diagnosing problems, then using proven cleaning methods to get their drainage systems flowing again. Our local drain unblocking team can also advise on how to avoid similar problems in the future.

We provide drain cleaning services throughout the London boroughs and many parts of Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

How we unblock your drains

To offer the best drain clearance service around, we use specialist drain cleaning equipment and employ a number of techniques:

  1. Sani snakes – Your engineer pushes a rotating cable into your primary (internal) pipes. There are different attachments to cut through scale, fat, and other build-up.
  2. High pressure jetting – If the blockage is external, jetting may break up the material for you. Due to the high pressure, this method isn’t suitable for internal pipes.
  3. Drain rods – Used for outside drains, these rods are strong, flexible and highly effective at clearing stubborn blockages. They can be fitted with various attachments.
  4. Coring machines – Some clogs are more difficult than others. Coring machines remove build-up, such as scale and concrete, in pipes up to 150mm wide.
  5. Chemicals – We can use chemicals that aren’t publicly available. Our engineers apply these chemicals in the correct volumes, while wearing proper safety gear.
  6. CCTV inspections – If the source of the blockage is a mystery, we can feed a camera into the system. You’ll then have a record of the issue and evidence it’s been cleared.

When you need our local drain unblocking service, we’ll send an engineer your way to fix the problem as soon as we can. It’s all part of a drain clearance service that puts you first.

No hidden extras

What you get from Aspect

  • Experienced & vetted tradespeople
  • 24 hour availability for all trades
  • Dedicated technical support team
  • Aspect Guarantee on workmanship
  • Peace of mind from trade accreditation

Occasional extra costs

  • Parts and materials used
  • Collection of parts and materials
  • Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charge

We won’t charge you for

  • Cost of parking
  • Fuel or travel time
  • Congestion Charge

Customer reviews

  • Came late at night, worked hard to deal with pipe blockage (and flood) in the flat but main blockage was further down i.e. responsibility of building manager - told us exactly what to say to the manager to get it sorted! Many thanks.

    Anne, Camden, NW1

  • What a great and fast service from Aspect in our time of need. The drain engineer was with us within 2 hours - knew his stuff - not at all daunted and he got the drain running free again. Thank you ever so much for helping us out. Will not hesitate to recommend.

    Kavanagh, Borehamwood, WD6

  • Excellent service. I called this morning at 8am and a technician was out by 12:30. Reece was polite and friendly and sorted out the clogged drain in no time flat. Would absolutely call Aspect again and recommend them highly.

    Van, Greenwich, SE10

Should I try a drain cleaner?

Sometimes hailed as quick at-home solutions, store-bought cleaners for unblocking are best used for maintenance, when water starts to drain slowly. Chemical drain cleaners won’t remove a major blockage, but they might cause your pipes to wear thin if used too often. As an alternative, you could mix baking soda and white vinegar, then flush the results away with hot water. Note: the foam only reaches as far as the ‘u-bend’, so results will vary.

While DIY drain clearance may work in the short term, it may just be a matter of time before it happens again. If your property in London or the Home Counties routinely suffers from blocked drains, then you’ll need to call a professional.

We perform local drain cleaning, repairs and maintenance work, and are experienced in clearing internal and external pipes. We also provide fixed quotes for CCTV surveys and drain mapping services.

Need a local drain unblocking service? We'll give you a call.  Request a callback

An accredited service

Aspect is registered with the National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC). In addition, all of our drainage engineers are fully qualified to provide high-quality workmanship. When you book with us to clear a clogged drain, you can count on getting the professional drain cleaning service you deserve.

Account customers

We have a dedicated team of account handlers to support multi-site customers and commercial properties. We extend our drain cleaning service to: Restaurants, Bars, Offices, Retail, Landlords, Letting Agencies, Hotels, Schools, Embassies, Care Homes and more.

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