Trade: Painting & Decorating

  • How to prepare walls and ceilings for painting

    It’s exciting to redecorate a room in a new colour or style. But as eager as you might be to just get going, it’s important to remember one thing: the better you prepare, the better and longer lasting the finish will usually be. You shouldn’t just apply a new coat of paint to a problematic […]

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  • Advice on exterior house painting, from trade experts

    Want to give your home a new lease of life? You may want to think about repainting it. Exterior house painting is a great way to give it a cosmetic boost, but more importantly, it helps to protect the brickwork, render and woodwork from the elements. Before you decide to paint your house, be sure […]

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  • Psychology behind home improvement and the influence of Airbnb, social media and Netflix

    Changing Front Doors & Replacing Windows Are Examples Of “The Portobello Road Effect” What is the Portobello Road effect? If you’ve ever noticed certain streets in your neighbourhood looking somewhat ‘coordinated’ perhaps three consecutive houses with the same paint job, or a cluster of properties with identical shutters, doors or any other external stylistic flourish […]

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