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  • Insulation of old houses to improve energy efficiency

    If you’re wondering how to make your old house energy efficient without sacrificing its external character and style, there’s a special technique for homes with single skin walls called solid wall insulation. Investing in wall insulation not only helps you save on heating bills, but it can improve the energy efficiency of your property and […]

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  • Fire door installation regulations for residential properties

    New updates to government fire door installation regulations mean that more residential properties are required to have fire doors fitted. Fire door installation regulations are legal obligations and could amount to serious consequences if ignored, including fines, invalid insurance, and prosecution in the event of a fire. So, how do you know if your property […]

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  • The difference between a carpenter and a joiner

    Planning to improve your home with bespoke furniture? You may be wondering if you need a carpenter or a joiner. To answer this question, we explore the differences between the two construction trades, and explain why carpentry and joinery are often needed for the same job. We’ll also run through the creative process, so you […]

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  • Autumn home maintenance issues that leave homeowners feeling uneasy

    64% of UK residents feel ‘unsettled’ in their homes due to unexplained issues, according to a nationally representative study* of 2,000 UK adults. The study, which asked UK residents to talk about different issues around their home, found that unexplained knocking and tapping sounds, cold spots and even rooms with a ‘strange aura’ were among […]

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