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You’re going on holiday – give your house a holiday too! on Wed 8th June, 2011

In the run up to your summer holiday with a flurry of shopping, packing and deciding who’s going to mind the hamster, it’s easy to overlook some very basic but sensible steps that you should take around the home to make sure disaster doesn’t strike while you are away.

Property maintenance company,, provides an all-encompassing property maintenance service to customers in both the domestic and commercial sectors - a boon for people who either don’t have the time or ability to undertake small jobs for themselves, or find the hassle of sourcing reliable tradespeople too much to contemplate.

Here, the company suggests some simple tips to keep your home trouble-free and energy efficient while you’re away.

1. Turn your boiler off – don’t forget to turn off the water heating control as well as the central heating
2. If you have an ‘intelligent’ fridge (often called an American fridge) put it into ‘holiday’ mode, and don’t forget to do the same with the ice maker
3. If you have a standard fridge, turn the temperature setting to ‘low’. If you’re not opening and shutting the door the temperature will remain constant – do the same with your freezer
4. Locate your stop cock well before your travel date, and remember to turn it off before you leave the house
5. Check that all your windows close and lock properly. If they don’t, call in the experts. Your insurance is likely to be invalid if your doors and windows aren’t properly secured
6. Unplug your appliances (except the fridge!)
7. Put some table or standard lamps on a time switch so lights will go on and off while you’re away
8. Check your drains and clean out any leaves or other debris which may have accumulated

9. Make sure your dustbins are empty
10. Mow the lawn before you go!


Notes to editors
About is a leading property maintenance and refurbishment company operating across the domestic and commercial sectors, 24 hours per day. With the tagline – ‘one call property care’, manages all maintenance issues, from the drains to the roof and everything in between.

The company’s motto is ‘fix, support and refresh’:
- Fix – emergency repairs
- Support – through the company’s planned maintenance team
- Refresh – through the company’s installation and refurbishment team has a fully-skilled workforce – from versatile handymen to qualified technicians, including gas engineers, plumbers, decorators and drainage specialists. The company has an impressive list of accreditations and sets new, modern, professional and award-winning standards for property maintenance.

The company uses cutting edge technology to enable its workforce and ensure best customer practice, and high levels of performance.

Founded in 2004, has grown at over 100% year-on-year. The company is based in South West London, and operates primarily across the city and all areas inside the M25.

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