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Young long term unemployed return to bootcamp in South London to find work on Wed 20th June, 2012


Britain’s young long term jobless have another golden opportunity to secure a job with, at the second ‘Unemployment Bootcamp’ to be held at 10:00am on Tuesday 26th June 2012.

The first Bootcamp held in March 2012 was a rousing success, as 40 candidates were whittled down to one winner in a series of physical, numeracy and english language tests in Britain’s first 'Unemployment Bootcamp'.

John Wynne snared a job showing aptitude and ability to follow complex instructions, whilst demonstrating all round skill – giving him an edge on the rest of the competitors. Wynne had been unemployed for over 2 years before landing the job with His work prior to his win had consisted of simply ‘helping his Dad out’.

“Most dole bludging young people simply would prefer not to work and instead subsist on unemployment benefits watching Jeremy Kyle on daytime television,” says MD Will Davies.

"The 900% rise in kids on the dole over the last 10 years according to TUC is directly correlated to laziness, vacantness and lack of ambition," he says.

“Physical excursion for this crew entails walking to the fridge or rummaging around the sofa to find the remote control. There simply is a disconnect between young people and a hard day’s labour”.

Mr. Davies believes the Nanny State is still alive and well in Britain creating a type of ‘sedative’ for young people. “They simply don’t see a role for themselves in the workforce because jobs aren’t jumping out from bushes with arrows pointing at them”.

“There are plenty of jobs out there. But this generation is the lost generation. And now they are in a spiral. No one is working and many never will work. The problem is they know they will never starve while they can live off their parents and watch endless hours of television and eat junk food”.

“Increasingly we are finding it impossible to recruit British young people at – with jobs going to foreigners who have a much more finely attuned work ethic”.

“Foreigners don’t believe what could be perceived as menial tasks are beneath them. A lot of Right-on British youngsters have a ‘what’s in it for me?’ mentality, and if an employer doesn’t entertain them and allow them to behave in a manner akin to their home environment they aren’t interested in participating".

The Unemployment Bootcamp shifts the focus away from using the Job Centre as a front for maintaining benefits. “It’s self selecting in many ways," says Davies. "Just choosing to leave your pride at the door and compete in such a manner in front of others shows an ability and aptitude far superior to the lounge lizard dole bludgers”.


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