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London’s £250 million Parking Fine Revenue Threatened by scheme using Unemployed 18-24 year olds as ‘Car Sitters’ on Thu 18th April, 2013

LONDON boroughs have long enjoyed spiralling revenues from Parking Fines. Last year parking fines were given out every 4.6 seconds with over 4 million issued. The biggest increases in prices for parking fines have been in London, where fines for a parking ticket have gone up by 50%. London motorists face parking fines of up to £120. Clamping and car pound release fees have also increased. boss Will Davies, a former Societe Generale banker, pioneered the concept to find the best candidates for Apprenticeships using a Bootcamp concept. The process of elimination is used with English Language, Numeracy, Physical Stamina and Common-sense tests finding successful candidates for jobs with London’s leading property maintenance company.

Davies, in his efforts as a successful private businessman, has developed a scheme to find as many unemployed young people in London a job with, London’s leading property maintenance firm, as possible.

‘Car Sitting’ is something that has successfully deployed utilising unemployed youth in London with clean licenses according to Mr. Davies.

“Trials in the City of Westminster have proven incredibly successful”, says Davies.

“We are now rolling out the concept”.

“With Transport for London’s red routes, we are working carefully with the allocated time for drop off and departure in critical areas to avoid CCTV cameras” says Davies. “Importantly, in those areas we are keeping vehicles moving. An unemployed youth takes the driver seat of the vehicle whilst the attends premises and conducts property maintenance work”.

“There’s no issue finding a park, no paying the parking charge, no parking fine, no hassle”, says Davies.

In the City of Westminster areas we have much more flexibility with Car Sitters engaged in double-parking until a traffic wardens approach the vehicle and they then move off for a period of time until they leave.

“No one likes to pay fines”.

“It’s crippling and unfair in a lot of cases”.

“But the money paid out in fines can go to excellent use paying for young people to have meaningful employment. Everyone wins” says Mr. Davies.

Davies is working with Young Marmalade boss Nick Moger to ensure that young people have a clean license and obey all the road rules. “We don’t want to end up spending out on traffic fines and we don’t want young people with too many points on their license”.

“We are working totally within the law”.

To that end Mr. Davies has approached Traffic Enforcement Officers for Transport for London and the City of Westminster to ensure’s scheme is always working within the law.

If the roll works well then will take the next step and offer the service to the public at large.

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