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Rescued on Christmas Day! on Sun 25th December, 2011

If there is any time of year we want the boiler to keep working, it’s during the festive season. So, you can imagine the disappointment when the Webber’s heating and hot water stopped working on Christmas Eve.

The family of four were entertaining an 86-year old lady, and a 53-year old gentleman for Christmas.

Jody Webber called out a local company, which failed to turn up. Lying awake in her bed on Christmas morning at 2.30am - worried about the boiler being unsafe - she decided to look online and found the telephone number for London-based property maintenance company, Much to her surprise, the phone call was answered by the call centre, rather than a voice message asking to leave a message. She spoke to someone in the company’s call centre, and her call was returned by 11am on Christmas Day, with an engineer making a visit at 3pm.

The engineer discovered that the circuit in the boiler had gone, but advised that he’d be unable to repair it until he could source the relevant part. He was, however, able to find the immersion heater to get the hot water up and running for the family to have hot showers and baths. And to make sure the boiler was safe also. ran a competition for one free maintenance repair over the festive period, and the Webber family were the lucky recipients of that award.

Jody commented: “We were so impressed by the service and the fact that the company was able to send out an engineer on Christmas Day. And to know the visit was complimentary made it even more special.

“We were also thrilled that he was able to sort out the hot water – having hot showers and baths has made all the difference.

“We’re not too concerned about the heating, because the weather has been so mild and we wouldn’t have expected to get that up and running at this time of year. But, we have booked in to get that fixed soonest. It’s a truly professional business, and we look forward to using its services moving forward.”

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