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Mr Davies advises the parliamentary inquiry on Tue 13th August, 2013

A submission to the Inquiry by Parliamentarians into construction and youth employment from Will Davies - founder and MD of property maintenance and refurbishment company

1) Employer designed apprenticeships: It is essential that employers are granted the power to design apprenticeships for young people. Employers know the skills they require and therefore the skills that are employable. Generations of employment schemes have failed young workers. Civil servants and outside training agencies (although undoubtedly well meaning) have failed to produce youngsters with employable skills.

2) Financing apprenticeships: I thoroughly support the government's proposals that employers should be given far more financial control over how taxpayer's cash is spent on providing apprenticeships. I would urge that all pressure is applied by the Inquiry to speed up the government consultation into apprenticeship funding.

3) Higher apprenticeships: It is my belief that too much attention has been devoted to higher apprenticeships at the expense of teaching employable skills to none-academic youngsters. We find time and time again that youngsters are leave school without the basic social skills that would make them employable (or at least more attractive to employers).

4) Skill shortages: Many business sectors in the UK feel that they are facing a future 'skill gap' and I can tell the Inquiry that a 'skill gap' already exists in the building industry. Research from a leading UK small business insurer this year discovered that 25% of plumbers and 19% of bricklayers have left their trades over the last four years. The recession has hit the building trades hard and we need to recruit and train new tradesmen from the one million young people unemployed or without training in the UK.

5) Immigration: Migrant workers are coming to the UK having completed tradesmen's apprenticeships in their own countries. They are obviously attractive to employers for that reason but there is no point in pouring money into infrastructure and building projects if we are just going to draw more foreign workers into the UK to complete them.

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