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Main parties’ stance on youth employment and apprenticeships applauded by campaigner and businessman on Wed 18th February, 2015

Entrepreneur Will Davies has praised both Labour and Conservative for their strong emphasis on apprenticeships in their forthcoming manifestos.

Davies, who has tirelessly campaigned for full accessibility of apprenticeships for young people in order to gain key skills for employment, has seen recent speeches made by Ed Miliband and David Cameron, and is said to be impressed by their pledges.

Labour Party have announced apprenticeships for every school leaver who “get the grades” while the Conservatives have pledged that those who are in unemployment for more than six months would need to undergo some form of community service.

Miliband also pledged that 33,000 apprenticeship roles will go to help developing HS2.

“It is great to see main party leaders take young people seriously for a change,” said Will Davies, who is the Managing Director of leading property maintenance firm,

“We have Labour who are opening doors for people from a young age on big, ambitious projects while the Conservatives want to inject a work ethic for every young person”.

“If these policies don’t remove the stigma that ‘Brits are lazy’, I don’t know what will”.

Will Davies adds he’s already seeing improvement from Brits that are gaining skills needed to be acquired for the property maintenance industry.

“Young Britons are finally recognising the competition with the young and highly skilled Eastern Europeans who are coming to this country,” adds Will Davies.

“For the remainder of young people, opening the doors through apprenticeships with Labour, and daunting them with community service under the Conservatives, will hopefully give them a kick up the backside”.

Davies pioneered the Unemployment Bootcamp scheme with for young people that awards apprenticeships to those who have been unemployed long-term and passed their literacy, numeracy and physical endurance tests.

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