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'London Tube Strikes Means Boris' Plans for 24 Hour Tube Service in Disarray' - Property Maintenance Tsar on Thu 6th March, 2014

Will Davies, former banker-turned-property-maintenance-tsar says Boris Johnson's plans for 24 Hour tube service is in disarray thanks to the uncontrollable nature of the Unions.

"With strike action taking place, we can barely get the tube to work as it is in London as opposed to trying to scale up to a 24 hour plan.”

“Boris unfortunately is trying to be the White Knight with all of this. The great London Leader. But the Unions will crush his plans.”

“He's much better off using the spare capacity of the buses to provide a far improved and streamlined 24 hour service.”

“Bus drivers will work on a rota.”

“There is much likely to be cooperation on that front and it is a plan that will actually happen rather than London being held to ransom by striking tube workers."

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