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‘Jail the low pay offenders!’ – youth employment campaigner and businessman on Wed 25th March, 2015

According to Will Davies, who is the Managing Director of leading property maintenance firm, that actively hires people under Zero Hours Contracts says, “We give significant financial gains to those on Zero Hours as we understand and appreciate the unpredictability they can bring”.

Davies suggests Labour Party leader Ed Miliband’s plans to scrap the Zero Hours Contracts would encourage a spike in ‘illegal labour’ while introducing the Mansion’s Tax is ‘concerning’ for his potentially affected customers.

However, he supports their pledge not to increase VAT and focus on increasing the National Minimum Wage to £8 per hour in the next five years, but thinks they can do more to exploit those who fail to pay the current rate.

“It beggars belief that employers are willing to cut their wage bill and exploiting young people by not giving them £6.50 per hour which is still not enough”.

“Failure to pay an employee the National Minimum is slavery and as far as I’m aware, those who impose this barbaric act, are locked behind bars,” adds Will Davies.

Davies comments after it was revealed that leading High Street stores like French Connection underpaid 367 of its workers, after an investigation from HM Revenue & Customs. Other High Street stores that have been exposed by the HMRC include Foot Locker and 99p Store.

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