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‘GoZero App’ to connect London workers with ‘Odd Jobs’ with Zero Hours Contracts on Tue 12th May, 2015

Uber-Style App developed to connect workers and cheap labour will solve problem of 1 million young people unemployed

App available to London residents but to expand nationwide.

An Uber-style App called ‘GoZero’ for smartphones and tablets is currently in development as a Joint Venture between social media agency AMS and Will Davies, the apprenticeship & jobs pioneer and boss of property maintenance company

Davies appeared recently on BBC News Channel, espousing the benefits of Zero Hours contracts for both employers and workers.

Casual workers, young or old, will be able to ‘accept’ Zero Hours jobs posted by UK householders, starting in London.

Before a worker is chosen, 5 candidates available for work are presented to customers in a line-up with a mini-CV before using the App to ‘accept’ one of the workers. They then receive a confirmation the worker is on their way to the job location.

Like Uber, icons of workers who accept jobs can be seen on the geo-navigational app travelling towards a job they have accepted.

The worker is seen travelling to a job via geo-navigational App technology, as opposed to the cab driver.

Social media agency AMS Media are building the App to the specifications laid out by

“Customers can use the App to see a worker travelling towards the property”, says Paul Phelps, CEO of AMS.

“The power of geonavigational technology is in a multitude of Apps from Uber, Gaydar to Tinder. This is the odd jobs App equivalent,” he says.

At the end of the day’s work, if the customer is happy, the GoZero App pays the worker via SMS to their mobile or Paypal or straight into their bank account.

On the back of the GoZero app, has expanded so rapidly in the London property maintenance market that they have now doubled the number of their vans to 300 and moved their HQ to Chessington, across the road from Chessington World of Adventures.

“There’s no lengthy waits for pay. It’s a win-win for everybody,” says Davies.

Jobs are classified as either half day or full day activities.

The worker covers their own cost of travel.

Jobs posted and accepted on the GoZero App revolve around short-term skilled and semi-skilled jobs that people don’t have time to do, or simply don’t want to do.

Examples of GoZero App work available include:

* Assembling and painting furniture.
* Car repairs.
* Residential or commercial cleaning.
* Computer repairs.
* Handing out flyers or product samples.
* Gardening.
* Rubbish collection, recycling and disposal.
* Moving furniture.
* Moving, installing or repairing major appliances.
* Residential or commercial painting.
* Pet care (such as walking a dog).
* Household repairs (for instance, re-seating a leaking toilet).
* DIY/Renovation (eg. laying a carpet).
* Running errands (eg. picking up groceries or dry-cleaning, going to the post office).
* Setting up and cleaning up after parties.
* Collecting scrap metal or aluminium cans.
* Washing cars or boats.

No jobs are permitted on the GoZero App such as child caring due to the necessity of CRB checks.

“B&Q argued that we’re seeing the death of DIY,” says Davies.

“That trend is not emerging because people see less of a need to renovate and perform their own property maintenance functions. It’s due to time paucity. People feel like their lives have sped up to such a degree that they are spinning out of control”.

“The GoZero App is a handy way of putting control back in their lives, in simple areas, such as help with odd jobs around the home,” says Davies.

“With a simple way to obtain a helping hand in a quick, efficient manner, DIY will, without doubt, have a total resurgence”.

“Look at what’s happening in the music marketplace with the total resurgence of Vinyl records. Technology, rather than eradicating, is enabling these traditional technologies to resurface and be repositioned”. consider the GoZero App as complimentary – rather than a direct competitor to

Whilst people have no time to perform their own DIY in the home, there is often a bit of resistance to call-out uniformed men and pay the minimum call-out charge”.

“There really is a gap in the market” says Davies, “in between not doing your DIY and calling out a company like, where the simplicity of the job doesn’t warrant it”. see the move to launch the GoZero App, whilst being seen as controversial, is ultimately championing work for young people.

Davies pioneered ‘Unemployment Boot Camps’ for young unemployed, and appeared on BBC Panorama.

“Rather than sitting on our hands and doing nothing about the unacceptably high levels of youth unemployment, this is a breakthrough to combat that problem”.

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