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Funding is best policy for drone safety - Property maintenance chief tells Boris on Fri 13th February, 2015

There are growing fears about the rising use and potential dangers of drones. However, according to Will Davies of, who are developing drones for their purposes, all that needs doing is for Boris to keep the faith and invest enough for them to guarantee public safety.

Property maintenance boss, Will Davies believes that Mayor of London, Boris Johnson should invest in the skies and put faith in drones, despite fresh fears from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) over the number of drones that are taking to British skies.

Figures from the CAA has shown 500 permits for unmanned aircraft has been granted by the start of this year, up from 170 in 2013.

Davies, who owns, said that he wants to be the first company to fly drones across London for business reasons and wants to open to Boris Johnson to inject funding that would make Davies' drone dream a reality.

"Boris is more bemused about Drones filling London's skies than anything else,” said Will Davies.

"Meanwhile America and China recognise that in 2-3 years they will be filling the skies. They are rapidly advancing technologies while we scratch our heads".

"The use of drones for our business would be such a big boost," adds Davies. "We promise a focused programme that will be state-of-the-art".

"We will be working with highly qualified manufacturers and we hope that Boris recognises this ambition of ours. We are serious about this".

Davies opened communications with Boris Johnson in August after's Head of Property Management, Paul Rowland came up with the idea.

Johnson suggested that should meet with the CAA who then gave the property maintenance firm the green light to be the first business to fly drones above London for business purposes.

These drones will be used for delivering spare keys and parts to engineers as opposed to using one of's 150 vans. "We need to reduce congestion," said Will Davies.

"Drones as cheap as £30 mean every man and his dog will have gadgets airborne creating potential disasters for airlines and helicopters".

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