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Free School pledge gets A+ rating from entrepreneur Will Davies on Tue 10th March, 2015

Entrepreneur Will Davies of has backed calls to open a further 500 ‘free schools’ as proposed by the Conservative Party.

David Cameron announced on Monday that, should the Conservatives be in government after the general election, they’ll build these schools across the UK including 49 in London.

Davies, who is a campaigner for young people to be taught entrepreneurship in schools, has said that the proposal brought forward by the Conservatives will have a positive effect on England’s education system.

Davies said, “It's an excellent system and one that has to be progressed. It cannot be denied we have an education issue both in terms of volume and quality and this is a positive way of tackling it. We must give the youth of today a chance”.

With, Will Davies has launched a Franchise scheme that encourages young people to start up their businesses with support from the banks.

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