21 March 2012

Launching our employment 'boot camp'

The search is on for our handyman apprentice

Will Davies, aspect.co.uk MD

For some time now, we have voiced our support for the Coalition Government’s plans to increase the numbers of young people in employment.

This month sees the launch of our first employment boot camp, where we will be asking unemployed youths from across Wandsworth Borough to take part. We’ll be putting a number of long-term unemployed youths (aged between 18-25) through their paces in a variety of physical and mental challenges. We’ll then select six at the end of the task, and this will – eventually – be whittled down to one candidate who we will be offered a full-time handyman apprenticeship. This is their chance to learn a skill, and to find full-time employment.

Today’s youngsters represent tomorrow’s workforce, and I believe businesses need to do all they can to support them. The youth are – in effect – an untapped resource; key to helping the UK pull out of the current economic situation.

aspect.co.uk is also a growing business, and we’re constantly recruiting new talent. At the end of the day, if we find the right person – then everyone is a winner.