12 August 2011

aspect.co.uk Franchise Launch

Will Davies, aspect.co.uk MD

In July we officially launched our franchise operation. Over the last six years, we have built a leading London-based business and are now keen to establish the company as the UK’s the number one national property maintenance and refurbishment operation. Clearly, this is going to take time and effort, but we believe the franchise opportunities will pave the way, and provide us with the opportunity of building the brand. And it will also offer interested parties the chance to build up and manage their own successful business.

We have brought in the expert guidance and support of franchise specialist and guru, Jim Zockoll, who was the first service based UK franchisor with Dyno-Rod in 1963. Both he and the team have been instrumental in setting up the franchise offering, and their advice has proved invaluable.

The franchises will operate under the successful aspect.co.uk brand, and we’ll provide franchisees with systems, and management support.

This is such a key time for the company, and we’re excited by the opportunities that lie ahead for both us, and the partners (the franchisees) that we go into business with. Perhaps you have experienced redundancy in the last few years, or you had always hoped to become your own boss. With an aspect.co.uk franchise, you will have the opportunity to establish a flourishing business. And, if it’s not for you, then why not let your friends and relatives know. Hard work and determination are sure to lead to success...

Will Davies signature

William Davies
Managing Director