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While engineers look after the homes and businesses of London, we look to The Gorilla Organization to protect our noble jungle cousins – the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas. With only 880 remaining, these magnificent creatures are on the brink of extinction. 97.3% of their DNA is identical to human DNA, hence why they are considered our closest cousins. will support The Gorilla Organization in the run up to their 12th annual Great Gorilla Run, which takes place on Saturday 19th September 2015 with 19 of our runners taking part. The 8km fun run will see hundreds of animal lovers don gorilla suits and walk, jog or run through the City of London.

It may not be quite as efficient a method of getting around the capital as an van, but there no denying it’s effective! Last year more than 500 people got involved and more than £100,000 was donated. With our support, we hope this wonderful charity can raise even more this year. join the ranks of famous faces who vocally support The Great Gorilla Run, including patron and wildlife expert Bill Oddie, and Stanley Johnson (Boris's dad!), who is the charity’s Honorary President.

Here at, we have been fundraising for the past six months. However, we still have a long way to go in reaching our key targets. Donate all you can to the Gorilla Organization by going’s fundraising page.

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Gorilla Run


Managing Director of, Will Davies said:

“I’m pleased to have chosen the Gorilla Organization as our official charity. They are a great cause and they do a lot of work for our endangered cousins”.

“We have some great fundraising events over the coming weeks and months so I urge everyone to dig deep for the big day”.

Jillian Miller, CEO of The Gorilla Organization said:

“We are delighted to have on board as our supporter. We encourage highly valued firms like them to spread the word that mountain gorillas need help from companies as well as from the generous public”.

For more information on the Great Gorilla Run and how you can get involved, go to their website on