Is my roof leaking or is it condensation? Why is my ceiling cracking? Is my shower making me sick?

We’ve answered the UK’s most Googled property maintenance questions

They may sound like odd things to ponder, but they’re just some of the most commonly asked home maintenance questions in the UK.

Our experts have been busy analysing Google search data to discover the maintenance issues that cause the most concern (and confusion) to UK residents.

Aspect’s director of operations, Nick Bizley oversees all of our trade operations, says:

While some of the queries are quite obscure, it’s a positive sign that we’re so curious about our homes and what makes them tick. As long as people take the relevant health and safety precautions – especially concerning ladders and tools – and they don’t tackle any tasks that involve safety regulations, like gas or electric work, it can be extremely rewarding to figure out and fix our own home maintenance problems. There’s a lot of great advice online to help with this too.

It’s also a good sign that so many of the queries – such as “is my roof safe to walk on?” or “are my windows energy efficient?” suggest that the UK has a healthy curiosity about safety and energy efficiency.

Not only did our research team discover the most commonly asked questions, they’ve also provided the answers. So if you’ve ever wondered if your shower was making you ill or why your toilet seat was turning a funny colour, keep reading to find out.

About this study

By monitoring Google’s autocomplete suggestions, which are based on previously entered search terms, the Aspect research team were able to analyse what people had been searching for relating to home maintenance and home repair.

Our team used five separate devices, four different web browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox and Apple’s version of the Google App) in order to get a broader sample of data.

To get a more accurate picture on the whole, we conducted searches over the ten-day period between January 6th 2019 to January 13th 2019.

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