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Government must invest in green taxes says former banker on Sat 25th January, 2014

Will Davies – the MD and founder of property management and refurbishment company, and former banker for Societe Generale – gives his views of green taxes.
This comes after news that green taxes on energy bills will more than double by the end of the decade.
“The Big Six energy suppliers have increased prices by 36% since October 2010 during a time that average wage rises have been pegged back at only 4.4%.”
“The energy suppliers constantly cite government ‘green taxes’ as the cause of their price rises but the Big Six have still managed to increase their collective profits from £15 per customer to £125.”
“I would like to see the government raising money from other ‘Green Taxes’ to pay for home insulation rather than an ‘across-the-board’ fuel tax which impacts mostly on the least well off.”

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