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Apprenticeship campaigner supports national minimum wage rise on Fri 31st January, 2014

The government is currently pondering a move to increase the national minimum wage by an extra 50p, which has been suggested by some cabinet ministers. As it stands, people who are 21 or over, receive £6.31 per hour.
Chancellor George Osborne says he wants to see an above-inflation increase in the minimum wage, while the economy is recovering.
Although despite suggesting it is a good idea, Davies says that attitudes of work forces need to act as if they deserve the government pay rise.
“Increasing minimum wage is fine, but the labour force have to deliver by improving their work ethic and productivity”, says Davies, who was a banker for Societe Generale before heading leading property maintenance firm,
“We have found that operating anywhere near the minimum wage leaves people demotivated so we offer rates significantly above even at the unskilled level.”
Will Davies has also put pressure on bigger companies to support the proposals. He said, “I think it is right that huge employers for whom this makes a big difference should have to pay people a sensible amount for their time.”
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