Expert Plumbing Surveys and Inspections in London

Organising a plumbing survey is a small but important part of moving house. Our expert plumbers operate in London and the surrounding areas, are highly qualified and have years of experience carrying out in-depth plumbing surveys and inspections. We want you to have complete confidence in our plumbing surveys and inspections, and that's why we give you a minimum six month guarantee.

  • - A free estimate - We don't charge for estimates on plumbing surveys and inspections
  • - You’re in control of your spend - Our engineers will inform you of any charges associated with your job up-front, and you decide on your level of spending
  • - No hidden charges - Our rates are fixed, competitive, and you don't pay for your engineer's parking or the congestion charge

Call us now on 0843 216 3645 to arrange your plumbing survey or inspection.

Rates for our Plumbing Surveys and Inspections

Job Type
Typical Issues

Surveys & Inspections

-Pre purchase visual inspections
-Mains water pressure testing
-Air tightness testing on waste pipework

Emergencies - Call now

0843 216 3645

-Burst pipes and radiators
-Fractured cylinders
-Overflowing cisterns and tanks
-Shattered basins and toilets


-Loose taps
-Dripping U bends
-Slow leaks
-Faulty shower valves
-Securing wobbly toilets


-Replacing or relocating radiators
-Insulating pipe work
-Renewing taps, showers, sinks and toilets
-Wet room and bathroom installations

Plumbing Surveys: An Investment for the Future

While the problems our plumbers unearth are often small and easily remedied, if you don’t get them fixed at an early stage they can develop into much more significant issue further down the line, such as a burst pipe or a completely blocked sink or toilet.

So don’t allow routine repairs that can be found during a plumbing survey become a major issue, call us today on 0843 216 3645 and we’ll arrange a convenient time for a plumber to visit you with no callout charge and a free estimate for the work.

One of our London plumbers