Microgeneration Scheme

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is a government endorsed scheme which encourages installers of renewable energy products to become accredited to allow for greater regulation of what has become quite an unregulated industry. The benefit to the customer is that MCS approved installers can offer the grants, cash back and other incentives that only the Government can offer. It also helps with keeping track of the work that installers do in the same way that the GasSafe register (formally Corgi) that regulates the gas industry.

Microgeneration Scheme

MCS approved installers can offer include benefits direct from the manufacturers of the products, such as longer warranties and increased consumer support and advise on the feed-in tariffs that are given by the government depending on how much carbon dioxide and fossil fuels are saved by using cleaner renewable energy.

It is proposed that the amount of CO2 etc that is saved by having any renewable products will be calculated and a cash back will be offered for a minimum time period, which seem to vary between twenty and twenty-five years. It has been said that with these feed-in tariffs, a solar installation, which may have taken eight years to pay off previously (before around 12 years of free hot water) is now expected to take around four years, thus giving at least sixteen years of free energy.

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