Pharaoh’s Ants (Tropical Ants)

Pharaoh's Ant (Tropical Ant)Tropical Ants have traveled along way to visit your home and garden. have fully qualified and experienced Pest Control engineers ready to help them with their departure! Tropical ants maybe visible on your property but have likely built their nest on a neighbours property. It is advisable to treat properties on either side to eradicate the problem successfully.

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Ants – Pharaoh.* £180.00 Gel treatment Ground floor & £120.00 per additional floors. £215.00 Gel treatment Ground floor & £140.00 per additional floors. £270.00 Gel treatment Ground floor & £180.00 per additional floors.

To maximise your treatment and maximise its success, it is vital you follow our pre visit instructions and post treatment recommendations sent to you via email with our appointment confirmation. Treatment is available and effective; however the approach of proofing / prevention is the best way to achieve long term successful control. We are able to estimate for these supplementary works to be carried out in an additional visit.

Fascinating Facts

Pharaoh's Ants (Tropical Ants)Pharaoh Ant is a tropical ant that is increasing in occurrence in this country due to an increase in foreign travel and central-heated buildings.

Pharaoh ants are small, yellow ants. They are present in many parts of the world and are considered to be a major pest due to their ability to survive in indoor areas. Hospitals are of heightened concern with pharaoh ants, as the ants can spread disease and contaminate sterile equipment and rooms.

Pharaoh ants have multiple queens and are able to move their colonies from place to place when disturbed. Workers can grow from eggs to adults in as little as 38 days and may live for nine to 10 weeks. Queen pharaoh ants can live for four to 12 months, but male pharaoh ants die within three to five weeks of mating. Pharaoh ants begin new colonies by budding. This means that a small group of workers and a single queen migrate from their colony to start a new colony.

Pharaoh ants can build nests in walls, cabinet voids, behind baseboards, refrigerator insulation, the hollows of curtain rods, the folds of clothes, sheets and paper and other undisturbed dark spaces. A colony of pharaoh ants will scatter if a toxic substance disturbs it, creating multiple problems where there had been only one.