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We understand how distressing it is to find you have bed bugs in your home. Call Aspect and we’ll arrange for a specialist for bed bug control to arrive as quickly as possible. It’s important to know that a bed bug infestation will not go away, it will only increase unless proper treatment is carried out.

It’s essential to begin a thorough treatment process as soon as bed bugs have been found. Once they’ve been disturbed bed bugs could disperse from their hiding place(s) and settle elsewhere. This could result in the infestation becoming harder to eradicate from your home.

Once our pest controller has arrived and assessed the extent of the bed bug problem you have they’ll discuss the recommended treatment options with you. Chemical treatments, using a residual insecticide, are most common. However, our pest control team also has specialist heat treatment equipment as a very effective alternative. They’ll get to work eradicating the bed bugs in your home straightaway.

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If you decide to go ahead with our contained environment treatment either the chemical spray or pressurised steam techniques can be used to treat anything that can’t be placed inside the unit; carpets, skirting boards, and fitted wardrobes will all need treating too.

The chemical products we use to treat bed bugs are approved for use by HSE (Health & Safety Executive). However, if you’re nervous about the use of insecticides inside your home we can advise on how to avoid skin contact with the residue spray.

Before our bed bug extermination specialist arrives some pre-treatment preparation will need to be carried out. We’ll send you information which clearly covers the steps to take and how to prevent dispersing the bed bugs to other rooms in your home. If you have any additional questions we’ll always here to help.

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Are some bed bugs resistant to chemical treatment?

Tests have shown that a small percentage of bed bugs are resistant to one or other of the two main groups of insecticide most commonly used to treat them. No bed bugs have been found to be resistant to both of these insecticide groups.

The chemical treatment carried out for bed bug removal is done in two stages. We use a different chemical at each stage. Using both groups of insecticide removes the risk of bed bugs surviving the treatment due to chemical resistance.

How long does it take to complete a bed bug treatment?

The two stage treatment we provide takes 5 weeks to be fully complete. The chemical sprayed during the initial visit is left to work for 2 weeks. This is when the second stage, or main treatment takes place. The main treatment takes 3 weeks to be fully effective.

The specialist heat treatment we offer is completed much faster, and only requires one treatment. Depending on the size and condition of the property, this treatment normally takes a couple of days.

Chemical treatment disrupts people’s lifestyle at home throughout the treatment period. This disruption is mainly due the amount of machine washing, steaming and dry cleaning required and the steps needed to prevent bed bugs from finding refuge from the treatment.

Our pest controller are committed to killing 100% of bed bugs in a property. This can be achieved with either method.

Other frequently asked questions about bed bugs

We want to start helping you immediately!

We’ve tried to answer the most common questions our bed bug specialists are asked by homeowners and tenants. You can read our responses here.

Our pest controllers won’t just eradicate your bed bug problem. They’ll help you understand how they might have become established in your home, the early signs you can check for, and how you can prevent the problem from happening again in the future.

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  • Aspect Guarantee on workmanship
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Bed bug eradication guaranteed

Our pest controllers are so thorough with the eradication techniques they use that they guarantee to resolve your bed bug problem. If your problem persists within 6 months of the treatment process our pest controller will return, free of charge, and continue further treatment until it’s completely resolved.

NB: Customers should be aware that treatment does not protect a home from reintroduction of bed bugs from another location. For example, a connected property. If passive transfer is repeated this would be considered as a separate treatment. Attention would need to focus on the source of this transfer.

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