Moths and Carpet beetles

Moths and Carpet beetles are a common pest and you can feel assured with appointing to eradicate them for you as all our engineers are highly experienced, fully trained and suitably accredited. Your engineer is there to answer all your questions and support you in the preparation for our second visit and provide you with follow up information to ensure your home is free from these pests quickly.

All treatment rates + VAT

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Standard rate (per hour)

Overtime rate (per hour)

Late rate (per hour)
Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm 6am - 8am / 5pm - 9pm 9pm - 6am
Weekends N/A 6am - 9pm
Moths & Carpet Beetle. £179.00  - 1 Bed property*

£219.00 - 2 Bed Property*

£259.00 - 3 Bed property*

£299.00 - 4 Bed property.

Up to 2 visits.  Additional beds &  room £40.00 each
£215.00 - 1 bed property*

£263 - 2 bed property*

£311.00 - 3 bed property*

£359.00 - 4 bed property*

Up to 2 visits. Additional beds & room £48.00 each
£265.00 - 1 bed property*

£325.00 - 2 bed property*

£385.00 - 3 bed property*

£445.00 - 4 bed property*

Up to 2 visits. Additional beds room £60.00 each

* Moths and Carpet Beetles - The charge is dependent on the size property quoted by the customer. Each property includes 1 living room and assumes up to one bed per bedroom and determined by the property size quoted. Additional beds and living rooms are charged at:

  • Standard Hours = £40.00 each.
  • Overtime Hours = £48.00 each.
  • Late Rates = £60.00 each

Passage ways and stairs are included in your treatment free of charge.  Kitchens and Bathrooms do not generally require treatment however if treatment is advised by your engineer this will also be free of charge. This includes up to 2 visits. Your engineer will book your second free of charge visit with you at the end of your first treatment for 14 days later. Should you need to re-book the second visit for any reason this second treatment must be completed within 6 weeks of the first treatment to receive your second visit free of charge and maximise eradication.

To maximise your treatment and maximise its success, it is vital you follow our pre visit instructions and post treatment recommendations sent to you via email with our appointment confirmation.

Treatment is available and effective; however the approach of proofing / prevention is the best way to achieve long term successful control. We are able to estimate for these supplementary works to be carried out in an additional visit.

Fascinating Facts

There are several different species of moths that are considered pests. Moth signs depend greatly on the species. Indoors, moths are detected by the adults as they fly about the room or rest on surfaces. Fabric-feeding moths are detected when feeding damage to fabrics is discovered. Some will also leave webbing, cocoons and even droppings as evidence of their activity. Stored product moths may leave behind damaged food items, webbing and droppings as well. Some moths will leave their food source when it time to pupate. The pupae may be seen in corners of cabinets, drawers or walls. This is sometimes a result of compromised hygiene; they can cause considerable damage if left untreated.

Specimen identification is critical, and we are able to offer free laboratory specimen identify and expert advice on treatment and prevention.

You will need to positively identify the textile pest to assure that the right treatment is carried out. Once the type of pest has been determined the key to success is team work. Clothes and those items nearby need to be taken out of cupboards and wardrobes and ideally will need to be dry cleaned or washed at 60 degrees Celsius or above or alternatively frozen. All areas should then be vacuumed thoroughly before a residual insecticide is applied. People fail to achieve successful riddance of clothes moth and carpet beetles because they are not thorough enough and domestic products are generally not suitable for treating large areas.

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