Flies and Maggots

Flies and Maggots are common pests and are comfortable eating rubbish. Your aspect.co.uk engineer is fully training, highly experienced and will be able to eradicate the infestation for you. Suitably accredited by the British Pest Control Association you can trust your aspect.co.uk engineer to deliver a treatment that will alleviate your property of these unwanted pests.

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Standard rate (per hour)

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Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm 6am - 8am / 5pm - 9pm 9pm - 6am
Weekends N/A 6am - 9pm
Flies/Maggots. £145.00 – up to two visits* £175.00 – up to two visits* £215.00 – up to two visits*


This includes up to 2 visits. Your engineer will book your second visit with you at the end of your first treatment for 14 days later. Should you need to re-book the second visit for any reason this second treatment must be completed within 6 weeks of the first treatment to receive your second visit free of charge and maximise eradication.

To maximise your treatment and maximise its success, it is vital you follow our pre visit instructions and post treatment recommendations sent to you via email with our appointment confirmation.

Treatment is available and effective; however the approach of proofing / prevention is the best way to achieve long term successful control. We are able to estimate for these supplementary works to be carried out in an additional visit.

Fascinating Facts

There are many different species of fly in the UK attracted to a variety of environments. Flies can carry hundreds of diseases including pathogens that cause diseases like anthrax, tuberculosis, typhoid and cholera.

Flies feed on waste material where they collect pathogens on their mouth and legs. They then transfer these pathogens onto tables, counters and food that they eat. When flies eat they regurgitate onto the food and then eat the liquid. This is the point when diseases are transmitted.

Maggots occur when flies lay their eggs in organic waste. To prevent maggots we must prevent mature flies from laying eggs.

The four stages of the life cycle of a fly.

A fly's life cycle is made up of four stages:

  • - Egg.
  • - Larva or Maggot.
  • - Pupa
  • - Adult (fly).

As flies are attracted to waste and odour the best defence is sanitation and good housekeeping. Most importantly, cleaning bins regularly can go a long way to reducing fly infestations.

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