Cat FleaAt aspect.co.uk we stay one jump ahead of Fleas. You can feel assured with appointing aspect.co.uk to eradicate them for you as all our engineers are highly experienced, fully trained and suitably accredited. Your aspect.co.uk engineer is there to answer all your questions and support you in the preparation for our second visit and provide you with follow up information to ensure your home is free from these pests quickly.

All treatment rates + VAT

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Standard rate (per hour)

Overtime rate (per hour)

Late rate (per hour)
Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm 6am - 8am / 5pm - 9pm 9pm - 6am
Weekends N/A 6am - 9pm
Fleas. £179.00  - 1 Bed property*

£219.00 - 2 Bed Property*

£259.00 - 3 Bed property*

£299.00 - 4 Bed property.

Up to 2 visits.  Additional beds &  room £40.00 each
£215.00 - 1 bed property*

£263 - 2 bed property*

£311.00 - 3 bed property*

£359.00 - 4 bed property*

Up to 2 visits. Additional beds & room £48.00 each
£265.00 - 1 bed property*

£325.00 - 2 bed property*

£385.00 - 3 bed property*

£445.00 - 4 bed property*

Up to 2 visits. Additional beds room £60.00 each

*Fleas - The charge is dependent on the size property quoted by the customer. Each property includes 1 living room and assumes up to one bed per bedroom and determined by the property size quoted. Additional beds and living rooms are charged at:

  • Standard Hours = £40.00 each.
  • Overtime Hours = £48.00 each.
  • Late Rates = £60.00 each.

Passage ways and stairs are included in your treatment free of charge.  Kitchens and Bathrooms do not generally require treatment however if treatment is advised by your engineer this will also be free of charge. This includes up to 2 visits. Your engineer will book your second visit with you at the end of your first treatment for 14 days later. Should you need to re-book the second visit for any reason this second treatment must be completed within 6 weeks of the first treatment to receive your second visit free of charge and maximise eradication.

To maximise your treatment and maximise its success, it is vital you follow our pre visit instructions and post treatment recommendations sent to you via email with our appointment confirmation.

Fascinating Facts

The flea belongs to the order of insects known as siphonaptera, they are wingless insects with well developed rear legs, which allows them to jump. Their mouth parts are adapted for piercing skin and sucking blood.

There are 4 types of fleas: Cat, Dog, bird and human.

The cat flea causes the most problems British home owners and if there is not an animal around or there are a lot of fleas they resort to biting humans, usually around the ankles and legs.

Once fleas have established themselves within a home animals will need to be carefully treated as well as the home itself, off the shelf aerosol products are not normally effective.

Description: (Group characteristics)

  • - Laterally compressed body 2mm in length with shiny or dark brown overlapping body plates
  • - Distinct black eye
  • - Long well developed jumping hind legs
  • - Rows of rear facing stiff spines

Habits and behaviour:

  • - Will live on a host of domestic animals including dogs, cats, pigs, badgers, foxes, hedgehogs etc.
  • - Lays eggs in clothing, bedding, carpets or in a wild infestation, animal (host) fur.
  • - Eggs can be seen in cracks of floor boards/seams of a mattress etc.
  • - Hatch into larvae in 2-3 days. Adult flea may emerge 3-4 weeks later, generally with mechanical stimulation such as vibration i.e. a host passing by

Will feed on organic debris, however, blood is a valuable part of diet. A flea can survive several weeks without blood.

Cat Flea bites