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Underground Water Leak Detection

The plumbing experts we schedule to investigate underground water leaks have years of experience. They all have the latest non-invasive equipped needed to reliably detect leaks. Once a leak is found and exposed, they’re able to start repairing it straight away.

Whether you have an underground external water supply pipe leak, or a leak in underfloor pipes inside a property, you’ll find their specialist trade knowledge invaluable.

In addition to underground water leak detection and repairs, we provide a full reinstatement service too. All the information needed for a successful “escape of water” insurance claim is provided in a detailed investigation report.

Aspect service is available 24/7 and we don’t charge extra for an emergency attendance, when we aim to be on-site within an hour.

WATCH: How we detect underground water leaks

This video shows some of the non-invasive techniques used for underground water leak detection.

Every investigation is different. Our leak detection experts follow a methodical “trace and access” approach. They decide on the tests to use based on the evidence available to them and the results they get.

Detecting Water Leaks Underground

Checking for leaks in underground water supply pipes

Unlike most indoor leaks, where there are usually visual signs of water damage, an underground water leak may not be immediately obvious. An unexplained high water bill, is usually the first indication of a problem. If a leak is especially bad, an obvious drop in mains water pressure might also be noticed.

If an underground water leak is suspected a simple test on the water meter can be done:

  • Step 1 – turn off the stop tap (stop valve or stopcock) inside the property
  • Step 2 – take a water meter reading
  • Step 3 – wait for a period of time (at least 1-hour)
  • Step 4 – take a second reading
  • Step 5 – turn the stop tap back on

If the second reading is higher than the first it’s a clear indication of an underground water leak between the water meter and the property.

If this test fails to indicate a leak, a pressure test could be carried out on all parts of the plumbing system.

These tests reveal whether or not a leak is present. Locating the leak will down to one of our leak detection experts.

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Non-invasive detection methods

The traditional approach to finding an underground water leak would be to expose the pipe. This involves digging a trench. Digging would continue along the length of the underground pipe until the leak was revealed. An excavation team would have to be scheduled. This approach is usually time consuming, expensive and disruptive.

The high-tech methods we use means the location of an underground leak can usually be found without needing to dig. The process can be started immediately. It isn’t disruptive and it saves time and money. Once located, digging to expose the leak for visual confirmation can be highly targeted.

Detecting underground pipes

The line that pipes are buried underground isn’t always obvious. Radio transmission and detection equipment is used to map where underground pipes are buried. The equipment is especially useful at large properties where pipes will run longer distances.

A survey line along where underground pipes have been laid can be marked. Specialist detection methods are then used along the full length of the survey line.

Acoustic equipment

Water that’s under pressure in an underground water supply pipe creates tiny vibrations when it escapes. Highly sensitive acoustic equipment is used to detect these vibrations. A microphone is placed on the ground and the vibrations are amplified as sound.

The microphone is placed in different positions along the survey line. Changes in the sounds detected allow our experts to pinpoint the location of the underground leak.

The technology works on small or large leaks. It can be used to detect underground water leaks in pipes made from any material. It’s so sensitive that a tiny leak buried several feet beneath the surface can be detected.

Tracer gas

Water pipes can be drained and filled with a non-harmful, inert gas mix. A probe is used to detect the presence of this gas. When the gas escapes from the fault in the pipe the probe sounds an alert as soon as it’s detected.

The gas is lighter than air and is able to penetrate soil, most solid floor coverings, and even concrete slabs. The gas doesn’t leave a residue. It’s completely safe to use on drinking water pipes.

This test is useful for detecting underground water leaks either when acoustic equipment can’t be used, or when further confirmation on the location of a leak is needed.

Some of our accreditations

We're fully trade accredited. Aspect is registered with Gas Safe and the National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC). All our leak investigation experts are vetted and trade accredited. In addition, the Aspect Guarantee covers our tradespeople's workmanship for up to 12 months.

When you book and Aspect leak detection expert you can count on getting the professional expertise you're looking for.

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Repairs and insurance claim reports

As soon as our expert finds an underground water leak the process for repairing it can begin immediately. Isolating the system will prevent further leaks. Exposing the leak to assess the extent of the damage to your home or property is usually needed for an insurance claim.

A scope of work and fixed repair cost can be provided within 24 hours. It’ll cover both repairing the leak and reinstating the affected area to its original condition.

We’re happy answering any questions from your insurance company.

Recent knowledge sharing articles

Underground leaks in drainage networks

Acoustic surveys can only be carried out on pressurised water supply pipes. Detecting leaks in underground drainage is usually carried out with CCTV camera equipment.

A camera is placed inside the pipe and provides live images to the operator. Faults along the pipe are clearly visible. Further evidence of a fault or leak can be collected with flow or dye tests.

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