Carpenters Job Types

Wood was one of the first building materials humans began using, and its importance has not diminished over time. Carpentry is used for everything from the initial construction and framing of a house right down to the building of a beautiful cabinet. We’ve got a large team of carpenters with experts in all the different disciplines, so you can be sure we have the right carpenter for your dream home.

Carpenter Kitchen Refurb

First Fix Carpentry

A first fix carpentry job relates to the structural support of a house, and often involves things such as floor timbers and roofing beams. If this is what you’re after our engineers will be able to help.

  • Rough carpenter
    Rough carpentry goes on behind the scenes. Things like framework and structural work come under this title. No joining or polishing is required here; the focus is strength and engineering.

  • Joister
    Joists are horizontal boards which connect to the frame of the house below the door level. They become the foundations on which flooring is built and they also improve the strength of the building should it need to hold additional weight.

  • Framer
    A framer also starts their work early on in the building project. They are typically responsible for the basic frame of the building, which means cutting and assembling wood for new constructions or rebuilds.

Second Fix Carpentry

Second fix carpentry concerns things which are a little more visible to the customer, such as skirting boards and doors. Normally, you know when a carpenter has been round because there’s dust everywhere, but not with Our carpenters are known for nailing their work, (often screwing things up too) and they always leave the area spotless.

  • Finish Carpentry
    Finish carpenters focus on the elements visible to the customer; things like cabinet making and finer woodworking. This work requires a steady hand because the margins for error are tiny.

  • Trim Carpenter
    Skirting boards and door casings fall into the Trim carpentry category. This kind of work can have a dramatic impact on the look of a property. If your home needs rejuvenation then perhaps some new casings and skirtings would do the trick.