Power flushing and boiler servicing: How to get your central heating in order this autumn

By Jonathan Millard

aspect.co.uk is getting ready for the winter period, which can be a busy time for our team of gas engineers and plumbers. While none of us like to think about the onset of winter, getting your appliances checked early on this autumn could make a huge difference later on, when you’ll need a reliable supply of heating and hot water as temperatures drop. Central heating systems, boilers and radiators all need to be in good working order to ensure your home stays warm and cosy through the colder months. From power flushing to boiler servicing, here are some key ways you can get your central heating system in shape before the big freeze arrives.

Boiler Central Heating Repairs

Power flushing

We have all had the problem of radiators which either don’t work at all, or work at a limited capacity. Power flushing is a way of cleaning out radiators to remove the debris and build-up which cause these issues. It sounds like a complex service, but in reality power flushing can be completed within a single day and can benefit any central heating system, large or small. Using a flushing pump, each radiator and pipe will be cleaned methodically, including the boiler itself, using a cleaning agent suited to your system. Afterwards, your system will be refilled with clean, fresh water and treated with a substance designed to limit corrosion in the future. As a result, the radiators in your home will heat up faster and more efficiently over the winter.

Gas safety and boiler servicing

One thing you don’t want to worry about this winter is CO2 poisoning, which is almost impossible to detect due to its colourless, odourless nature. Poorly maintained gas appliances are one of the main causes of leaking gas, which can be a bigger danger in winter when windows are kept shut to keep heat in. Symptoms of CO2 inhalation include anything from dizziness and nausea to headaches and breathlessness. Gas poisoning can be fatal, so it’s essential that you book in for a boiler servicing early on to nip any potential problems in the bud.

Timers and thermostat

Saving on the amount of energy your central heating system uses up isn’t just eco-friendly – it can also save you money in the long run. According to the Energy Saving Trust, the optimal temperature for your home is 18 – 21°C, meaning the majority of houses are turning their thermostats up too high. However, problems such as the timer on your boiler can make regulating the temperature in your house tricky. A badly placed thermostat can also hinder your efforts – if it’s placed somewhere in your home which is cooler than usual, your heating might be coming on at times when it’s not strictly needed, making your bill higher. Your central heating engineer should be able to fix a faulty timer or thermostat easily while completing your usual boiler service, advising you on the best settings to save money and energy this winter.

Note: If you really want to save money on your heating bills, you might also think about replacing your existing boiler with a more energy efficient one such as a condensing or a combi boiler.

Servicing your boiler

Boiler servicing is a crucial part of maintaining a warm home in the coming months and should be done in autumn to give plenty of time for any work which needs to be done. This is probably the most pressing reason to get your central heating system serviced early on; the last thing you want is the unwelcome surprise of having no hot water or heating on a dark, frosty morning.  A boiler which has been idle over the summer should be inspected and serviced thoroughly to ensure it holds up for the months to come. In conjunction with a service such as power flushing, it should mean a lot less hassle when it comes to heating your home this winter.

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