Drain Unblocking in London and the Home Counties

Blocked drains are an inconvenience and can cause flooding in some cases. While plumbers may be able to unblock some internal pipes, it takes a specially equipped engineer to clear external drains. They’re able to remove the blockage and investigate its underlying cause. With a large team of drain clearance experts, we’re able to investigate the blockage before choosing the most suitable drain unblocking approach for the job.

We can clear any blockage, no matter its size or origin. If we discover the blockage was a result of a fault in your drainage system, we can provide a quote for the repairs. Our blocked drain specialists respond to domestic and commercial bookings across London and the Home Counties.

Customer reviews

  • Excellent service. Emergency drainage issue and Aspect were here in less than 1 hour and the problem was resolved swiftly. Very friendly and helpful staff.

    David, Streatham, SW16

  • Explained the problem, and didn't try to up sell me expensive work. A simple fix with a plunger was all that was required. He was friendly, helpful and honest. Would use Aspect again based on my experience.

    Alex, Hampstead, NW3

  • We had a drainage problem in our kitchen that was fairly bad. The tradesman was quick, efficient and to the point. Didn't take too long to do which made me feel at ease and gave some good advice too!

    Melanie, Mitcham, CR4

No hidden extras

What you get from Aspect

  • Experienced & vetted tradespeople
  • 24 hour availability for all trades
  • Dedicated technical support team
  • Aspect Guarantee on workmanship
  • Peace of mind from trade accreditation

Occasional extra costs

  • Parts and materials used
  • Collection of parts and materials

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  • Cost of parking
  • Fuel or travel time
  • Congestion Charge
  • ULEZ charge

How we unblock your drains

We will try to assess the blockage with a camera before deciding on the best approach. Our drain clearance methods include:

Water jetting

The most common method of drain clearance is with high-pressure water jetting equipment. It works by breaking the material that’s built inside the system, which it then flushes to open the path for wastewater. It has the benefit of cleaning the inside of the pipe at the same time. Our jetting equipment can negotiate bends and be fitted with different nozzles depending on the nature of the blockage.

Due to the high water pressure, we only use jetting equipment for unblocking drains that are external (secondary), and not the internal (primary) ones found within your property.

Drain rodding

Used manually to break up the debris by hand, drain rods are strong and flexible. They can prove useful when we need to unblock drains from upstream or if water jetting isn’t working. Although drain rods are rarely the first option, they’re still a useful part of an engineer’s toolkit and an important part of our drain unblocking service.

Drain rodding is best left to the professionals. We’ve sometimes been called to unblock drains, only to notice rods left in pipes because of failed DIY attempts at drain clearance. Removing them from pipes in these situations can be difficult!

Floodwater removal

We can use our suction tanker service to pump the wastewater and debris out of a blocked drain that’s flooded. This debris may include sand and gravel, which would otherwise be difficult to remove. Once clear, we’ll send in a camera to pinpoint the cause of the blockage. We can then choose the most suitable drain unblocking method for the situation, and we’ll be able to use water jetters without adding to the floodwater.

Checking your drains are clear

As part of our emergency drain unblocking service, we’ll check that your system is flowing again. We do this by inspecting the newly unblocked drain with a camera. While confirming that your blocked drain has been cleared, we’ll look for signs of what caused the blockage to begin with, such as faults or the build-up of scale.

Following this visual check, we can quote for recommended repairs to prevent a blockage from happening again for the same reason.

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An accredited service

Aspect is registered with the National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC), and by giving customers a quick response, we’re highly recommended for unblocking private drains. In choosing Aspect, you can count on receiving a professional drain clearance service when you need it.

Account customers

We have a dedicated team of account handlers to support multi-site customers and commercial properties. These include: Restaurants, Bars, Offices, Retail, Landlords, Letting Agencies, Hotels, Schools, Embassies, Care Homes and more.

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