Drain Repairs in London and the Home Counties

If your drains keep getting blocked up, underground drain repairs could be needed. Left unresolved, the issue could worsen and cause severe problems such as collapsed drains or subsidence problems. This is why expert knowledge and equipment is needed. Our drain repair specialists can investigate the cause of any drainage problem and stop it from returning.

We carry out no-dig drain repairs (in the form of patch lining and drain relining) whenever possible. We can recommend the most cost effective repair options, while causing minimal disruption. If a no-dig repair method isn’t possible, we can also perform excavated repairs.

We have a large team of engineers ready to help with damaged drains across London and the Home Counties, and can respond to drain repair requests 24/7.

Think you need drain repairs?

There’s no way to know the cause of a fault or the extent of the damage until an engineer investigates. However, there are signs that indicate a potential fault. Recurring blockage could mean there’s an underlying problem. Indentations on the ground may be a sign of subsidence. Sewage smells can also indicate the need for drain repair work.

If you suspect there’s an issue, we’ll be happy to investigate and provide a fixed-price quote for any drain repairs needed. Our engineers won’t make any assumptions until they’ve completed a full investigation.

No hidden extras

What you get from Aspect

  • Experienced & vetted tradespeople
  • 24 hour availability for all trades
  • Dedicated technical support team
  • Aspect Guarantee on workmanship
  • Peace of mind from trade accreditation

Occasional extra costs

  • Parts and materials used
  • Collection of parts and materials

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  • Cost of parking
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  • Congestion Charge
  • ULEZ charge

No-dig drain repair options

We’ll recommend no-dig drain repairs if it’s the best way to ensure a thorough resolution, and if excavation can be avoided. Much of our drain repair work comes in the form of localised drain patching, but we also perform drain relining where damage is along a continuous length of pipe.

Patch lining

Patching is the most cost-effective way to repair drainage problems like cracks, holes and even some minor drain collapses. It’s a permanent drain repair solution for uPVC, clay and cast iron pipes. We’re yet to see a patch lining job that’s failed after being installed correctly. Multiple patches can be applied along the same length of pipe, and it can sometimes even fix problems associated with displaced joints.

All of our drain experts carry patch lining equipment in their vans, so they’re usually able to patch damaged pipes on the day they find the problem. This is dependent on the number of patches needed and whether a second engineer is available to help.

A resin is applied to a fibreglass mat, which is wrapped around an inflatable packer. The packer is pushed inside the drain to the correct position and inflated. This presses the resin-soaked mat against the wall. Once the resin cures hard, we’ll deflate and remove the packer to leave a permanent drain repair. The curing process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. The repair is thoroughly checked using a CCTV camera.

Drain relining / pipe relining

Drain relining (also known as drain lining) may be recommended if you have a long pipe with multiple faults. However, we can only reline pipes in sections where there aren’t any branching lines. Drain relining involves pushing a length of plastic pipe into your existing one. Due to its flexibility, it can be inserted around bends in pipes too.

Relining can be a quicker and cheaper option than applying a large number of patches along the same length of pipe. Unlike patching, which can be done on the day, drain relining must be scheduled in advance.

Customer reviews

  • Excellent service. Emergency drainage issue and Aspect were here in less than 1 hour and the problem was resolved swiftly. Very friendly and helpful staff.

    David, Streatham, SW16

  • Explained the problem, and didn't try to up sell me expensive work. A simple fix with a plunger was all that was required. He was friendly, helpful and honest. Would use Aspect again based on my experience.

    Alex, Hampstead, NW3

  • We had a drainage problem in our kitchen that was fairly bad. The tradesman was quick, efficient and to the point. Didn't take too long to do which made me feel at ease and gave some good advice too!

    Melanie, Mitcham, CR4

Excavated drain repairs

We sometimes have to excavate as part of our drain repair services. This may be the case if you have collapsed drains, need a replacement pipe, or when we’re unable to carry out pipe relining. Other reasons to dig include damage from subsidence, severe joint displacement, and large-scale fractures that drain relining or patching can’t resolve.

Once we excavate, we’ll typically remove the affected pipes (whether they’re broken or collapsed) and install new, long-lasting ones. Depending on access, we may use specialist digging equipment to excavate with minimal disruption.

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An accredited service

We’re fully trade accredited to perform all types of drain repairs. Aspect is registered with the National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC), which makes us ideal for customers in need of drain repair services. When you book an Aspect engineer, you can count on getting the best option for you, whether it’s no-dig drain repairs like patching or drain relining, or excavation work for replacement pipes.

Account customers

We have a dedicated team of account handlers to support multi-site customers and commercial properties. These include: Restaurants, Bars, Offices, Retail, Landlords, Letting Agencies, Hotels, Schools, Embassies, Care Homes and more.

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