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Drain Cleaning in London and the Home Counties

Slow-running water is often the first sign of drainage problems. Scale may have built up inside the system, or there may be small amounts of debris, such as grease or hair. If left untreated, it can lead to a complete blockage at the worst possible time, resulting in an emergency call-out. Our drain cleaning services will help you avoid this problem, with investigation and cleaning methods that deliver the best results.

We perform drain cleaning and descaling for domestic and commercial properties across London and the Home Counties. Our specialists can provide one-off drain cleaning, as well as a preventative maintenance schedule for homes, businesses, schools and more.

“No-dig” drain descaling with FlexShaft

WATCH: How we clean solid debris from drains

This video shows one of the most effective methods our drainage experts use to clear solid debris from underground drains.

The technique clears scale and solid building waste such as plaster and concrete from drains without excavating.

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Drain descaling and degreasing

Scale is a common cause of blockages in hard water areas, including London and the Home Counties. Hard mineral deposits collect in drains over time, reducing their width and slowing the flow rate. Commercial grade chemical drain descaling solutions can soften these deposits for easier cleaning with a “FlexShaft” or high-pressure water jetter.

Another common problem is a build-up of fat and grease. We use degreasing chemicals to clean fat deposits away in both primary and secondary pipes.

When using drain descaling solutions as part of our drain cleaning services, we’ll usually first bung, or block, the pipe to allow the chemicals to do their job.

Coring equipment for better drain cleaning

All of our drain engineers have FlexShaft machines, which are designed for wall-to-wall cleaning of residential and commercial pipes up to 70 feet long. These machines consist of a flexible cable attached to a fully enclosed drum. At the end of the cable is a chain knocker that fits through tight access points. The engineer attaches a drill to the centre of the drum, spinning the chain knocker at high speed to clean solid debris, including scale, from your pipes.

We can attach different chain knockers depending on the pipe’s width and whether it’s a uPVC, clay or cast iron pipe. The type of attachment will also depend on the material inside, e.g. grease, scale, or builder’s waste like grout and concrete.

Our engineers use a camera to move the knocker into place and ensure the results meet expectations. If the FlexShaft machine isn’t enough to clear the pipe, we can use a coring, or milling, machine to complete the job effectively.

An accredited service

We’re fully trade accredited to carry out professional drain services. Aspect is registered with the National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC), for a drain cleaning service you can trust. When you book an Aspect engineer, you can count on getting expert knowledge, friendly customer care, and excellent results.

How often do drains need cleaning?

A regular drain maintenance schedule is a good way to avoid emergency drain issues. However, the frequency will depend on several factors:

  • Is it a residential or commercial property?
  • How many people live or work there?
  • How old is the property and what’s its condition?
  • Is there a risk of foreign objects entering the drains?
  • Is there a commercial kitchen in the property?

Our specialists can assess the demands placed on your drains, then recommend a suitable cleaning schedule. We’re happy to discuss any aspect of our drain cleaning services, and we’ll be happy to arrange a preventative maintenance contract as needed.

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