Planned Preventative Maintenance

A property is usually the largest asset an individual, company or organisation will own. Without regular maintenance the property will degrade, reducing the asset value. There will, in all likelihood, also be increasing demands for high-cost maintenance elements such as building services, re-roofing, or structural repairs. 

Therefore, it is financially advantageous, if not essential, to have a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) schedule. A PPM schedule can ensure that routine maintenance and repair works are implemented to ease out peaks and troughs in the annual maintenance cost cycle of a building, and ensure that the asset value of the property is maintained or enhanced.  

The aim of the schedule is to prevent the breakdown and failure of vital equipment, before it occurs. It is designed to preserve and enhance reliability by replacing worn components before they wear out. The schedule would include equipment checks, partial or complete overhauls at regular, specified periods, oil changes, and more. In addition, engineers can record equipment deterioration so they know to replace or repair worn parts before they fail. Recent technological advances in tools for inspection and diagnosis have enabled even more accurate and effective equipment maintenance.


Value of Preventative Maintenance

There are a variety of misconceptions about preventive maintenance. One is that PM is unnecessarily costly. But without preventive maintenance, you risk the higher cost of lost business due to unforeseen equipment breakdown. Preventative maintenance can result in savings thanks to an increase in the lifespan of the system.

Long-term benefits of preventive maintenance include:

  • Improved system reliability.
  • Reduced replacement costs.
  • Decreased system downtime.
  • Better spares inventory management.


What can offer offers electrical and mechanical planned preventative maintenance to both commercial and residential customers. 

Residential – includes annual boiler servicing, periodic drain cleans , air conditioning servicing, electrical periodic inspection reports and much more.

Commercial – all of the above and any other plant and equipment that can benefit from planned and preventative maintenance.

Extensive staff training ensures that equipment is operated at optimum efficiency and as a result the long-term value of the property is extended. Should problems arise, we will resolve them in a prompt and efficient manner within the requirements of the contract.’s in-house 24-hour Help Desk guarantees a prompt response, serviced by a management team committed to customers' requirements.

For more information on how a PPM schedule could work for you, call our planned maintenance team now on 0843 216 3645. We look forward to hearing from you.