Our rates


Standard rate (per hour)

Overtime rate (per hour)

Late rate (per hour)
Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm 6am - 8am / 5pm - 9pm 9pm - 6am
Weekends N/A 6am - 9pm

Ad-hoc and Emergency Jobs - minimum charge 1 hour, then in half hour increments

Garden Maintenance £55 (£66 inc VAT) £75 (£90 inc VAT) £120 (£144 inc VAT)
Pest Control (Domestic & Commercial) £85 (£102 inc VAT) £105 (£126 inc VAT) £160 (£192 inc VAT)
Painting & Decorating

Roofing Repairs**

Building & Carpentry £95 (£114 inc VAT) £125 (£150 inc VAT) £160 (£192 inc VAT)
Doors & Locks
Windows & Glazing
Heating & Hot Water (Domestic)* £105 (£126 inc VAT) £135 (£162 inc VAT) £160 (£192 inc VAT)

Air Conditioning

Drainage £125 (£150 inc VAT) £160 (£192 inc VAT) £200 (£240 inc VAT)
Heating & Hot Water
£160 (£192 inc VAT) £180 (£216 inc VAT) £200 (£240 inc VAT)

*Commercial Heating is deemed as any boiler over a 70KW rating

**Roofing works without internal access and over a single story in height will require a 2 man team charged at £120+ vat per hour - during our advertised overtime hours the charge is £135 + vat per hour and at  late rate hours it is £160 + vat per hour

*For any certification required that is not known in advance, an administration fee of £20 + VAT will be levied.

Please note, gardening rates cannot be subject to any offers or discounts.

Holiday Rates

NB: From Christmas Eve onwards all rates will be £160+VAT per hour and will return to normal on Jan 3rd.
From 5pm on Christmas Eve until the end of Boxing Day and from 5pm on New Year's Eve until the end of New Year's Day rates will be £200+VAT per hour.

Over the Easter period all jobs will be charged at late night rates. This includes Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Bank holiday Monday, however normal rates will apply on Saturday.

If you have any questions, please call our contact centre on 0843 216 3645

Larger, or planned jobs - call for an estimate

Boilers and central
heating systems
Call us to arrange a free estimate or
for our half and full-day rates
Electrical rewires
Reroofs and major repairs
Decoration and bespoke carpentry
Bathrooms and kitchens
Full refurbishments
...and much, much more

You don't pay for...

  • Parking charges
  • Petrol
  • Congestion charge
  • Travel time

You do pay for...

  • Cost of any materials required
  • Material collection if required

We attend over 90% of emergency calls within the hour

As the requirements of every job are unique, please call us on 0843 216 3645 to discuss your job and we can help you decide what is required.

Estimates of large scale works and refurbishments

We do not charge for estimates and have an average turnaround time of 48 hours from attending to providing you with an estimate. Please note however that inspections, surveys and investigations are chargeable. Call us to discuss your requirements.

Waste Clearance Service

We operate a competitive waste clearance service. Details and pricing can be found here.

Fixed Price Work

We provide a range of fixed price jobs (during standard hours)

Boiler servicing and gas safety
Residential boiler service £95 (£114 inc VAT)
Residential gas safety report (CP12) for up to 3 appliances (£40+VAT for each thereafter)
£95 (£114 inc VAT)
Landlord pack (boiler service and gas safety report)
£180 (£216 inc VAT)
Commercial boiler service up to 125kw £250 (£300 inc VAT)
Commercial boiler service 125-250kw £380 (£456 inc VAT)
Commercial boiler service 250-350kw £500 (£600 inc VAT)
Commercial boiler service over 350kw Call for free estimate
Commercial gas safety report (CP15) for up to 3 appliances  £170 (£204 inc VAT)
Additional appliances (each) £50 (£60 inc VAT)
Domestic / residential CCTV surveys*
Domestic CCTV Survey
Call for estimate
Commercial CCTV Survey
Call for estimate


Fixed wire reports / Electrical periodic inspections (PIR) *
Bedsit / Studio £195 (£234 inc VAT)
1 Bed £220 (£264 inc VAT)
2 Bed £240 (£288 inc VAT)
3 Bed (or 2 bed maisonette) £260 (£312 inc VAT)
4 Bed (or 3 bed maisonette) £280 (£336 inc VAT)
5 Bed £320 (£384 inc VAT)
Commercial (up to 10 circuits) £320 (£384 inc VAT)
Commercial - additional circuits (each) £30 (£36 inc VAT)

* Prices assume suitable access to electrical installation provided

PAT tests
Per site (up to 30 appliances) £150 (£180 inc VAT)
Additional appliances (each) £2 (£2.40 inc VAT)
System flushers
Up to 4 radiators £390 (£468 inc VAT)
5 radiators £455 (£546 inc VAT)
6 radiators £520 (£624 inc VAT)
7 radiators £585 (£702 inc VAT)
8 radiators £650 (£780 inc VAT)
9 radiators £715 (£858 inc VAT)
10 radiators £780 (£936 inc VAT)
11 radiators £845 (£1,014 inc VAT)
per additional radiator thereafter up to 30 radiators
£65 (£78 inc VAT)
Pre-purchase surveys
Plumbing £150 (£180 inc VAT)
Electrical visual £150 (£180 inc VAT)
Gas £150 (£180 inc VAT)
Roofing £250 (£300 inc VAT)
Drainage (above & below ground) £250 (£300 inc VAT)
Pre purchase package including all of the above
£780 (£936 inc VAT)
Other surveys on request Call for estimate