Commercial Handyman Services

Don't let your cafe, shop, restaurant or office building fall into bad condition, contact today on 0843 216 3645 for preferential rates and service. Our trade accredited and experienced handymen are available 24/7 to improve your business premises, and every job we do comes complete with a minimum six month guarantee. You can also use for one-off jobs; there's no minimum contract or obligation on you.

  • - Preferential rates - Our commercial handyman customers receive preferential rates for our service
  • - Priority service - We always give our commercial customers priority because we know how time sensitive your emergencies can be
  • - 24 hours a day - Our handymen are on standby every hour of every day to handle your emergencies

Planned preventative maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance or PPM is a service our handymen provide to our business customers. It means you will receive regular visits from our expert handymen who will carry out inspections and perform routine repairs. This will help you avoid emergencies that can negatively impact on your business, sometimes forcing closure of your premises.

Reactive callout maintenance

When the worst happens and you have an emergency, it's reassuring to know that there's someone you can call. Our handymen are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we can visit your business property night or day to fix the problem.

Our guarantee

Whether it's planned, routine repairs, or an emergency situation, every job we do comes with a minimum six month guarantee. Click the banner on the right to read more about what we promise to you when you call decorator in London

Our London Handyman Team covers London and the surrounding areas, and our team is over 100 strong. Meet a few of our expert handymen.

  • London , Simon Noble Simon Noble in SW1
  • Kingston Upon Thames , Graeme Graeme in KT1
  • London , Lukasz Przewozniak Lukasz Przewozniak in W6
  • London , Mario Wrobel Mario Wrobel in W8

Handyman and Maintenance Tips

  • Always request photographic proof of the roofing work that has been performed. It is easy to assess if a basin has been correctly plumbed in or a door hung the right way around but not so easy to see the work done on a ridge tile, chimney pot or lead flashings – unless you have a head for heights!
  • Protect against frozen pipe work from developing into burst joints in loft cavities by installing wrap around foam insulation.
  • Protect against nuisance boiler failure resulting from frozen condense pipe work by increasing the pipe work diameter from the condense tray to the external waste outlet.