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Equipped to clear any blockage

Whether your sink or bath drain is clogged, or if there’s a blockage underground, our experts can help. We can locate a blockage using high-tech camera equipment before deciding on the best way to clear it for you. Our specialists unblock primary, indoor pipes and external, secondary drains alike.

Indoor drainage pipes
Water-pressurised pumps and electro-mechanical “sani-snakes” are used to clear blockages in narrow uPVC pipework. By pulling from years of experience and choosing the right equipment for the job, our engineers can protect your drains from excessive force and pressure.

Underground drainage pipes
As well as traditional drain rods, we can use high-pressure water jetting to clear your drains effectively. We also have a range of nozzles to suit the type of blockage present. For main drains that are flooded or overflowing, our suction tankers can quickly remove up to 2,000 litres of wastewater.

Rainwater drainage
Jetting equipment and suction tankers are also used to clear outdoor drainage systems such as channel drainage, soak away pits, and rainwater gulleys

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