Roofing Job Types

With their years of on-the-job experience, our team of London roofers is well equipped to deal with a wide variety of roofing repairs. However, roofing is laden with industry terms, so it can be hard to know exactly what fix you require. Do you know your flat roof repairs from your guttering replacements? We’ve put together a simple guide to the meaning behind the roofing services offers, in London and the surrounding areas. 

Pitched roof repairs; slates and tiles

A pitched roof is a sloping roof, with the word pitch referring to the angle at which the roof slopes. A roof can be pitched for purely stylistic reasons, or for a functional purpose such as helping rainwater to drain off.’s London roofers are well versed in pitched roof repairs using both slates and tiles, so you can trust the job is in safe hands. 

Flat roof repairs; felt, fibreglass and lead

Fairly self-explanatory, flat roofs are commonly used in housing extensions and tower blocks. Though not aesthetically popular they are useful for buildings where ease of build and price are chief concerns, and as such are often used for council buildings such as schools or fire stations. have done many flat roof repairs in London, so give us a call today on 0843 216 3645 to see what we can do for you. 

Plastic and metal sheet roof repairs

Sheet roofs made of plastic or metal provide cost-effective coverage for both industrial and domestic applications. They’re hugely versatile and can be used on everything from garages to farm buildings, and even houses. Roof repairs for this type of covering usually involve dealing with leaks, but whatever your sheet roofing needs, can provide a dedicated, expert team for London roofing repairs.  

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Guttering and fascia boards

Designed to catch and funnel away rainwater, gutters are essential in protecting the foundations of a building. However, falling leaves and other debris means it’s easy for them to become clogged, leading to a build-up of excess water which can leak into your home. Installing a gutter guard is a good precaution, but if your gutter becomes clogged regardless, London roofers are here. Other issues such as broken guttering are also well within the capabilities of our roofers. Please also do not hesitate to contact us regarding fascia boards – these are the fixed boards which carry the gutter under the eave.

Asphalt roofs and steps

Asphalt, sometimes known as bitumen, is a mixture of dark pitch used for road surfaces, flooring and roofing. Asphalt provides a strong waterproof covering for a roof, but it takes an expert to spread it on seamlessly.’s London roofers will be able to competently spread any suitable surface with asphalt.

Lead flashings and valleys

Valley refers to the intersection of two planes or roof, or between a roof and a wall. A flashing is a narrow strip of metal that covers the joint formed where two surfaces meet, to prevent water from leaking in. Lead is a durable, versatile material that is ideal for this purpose, so if you need assistance with the flashings and valleys on your roof, our experienced team are here to help. 

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