How to fix taps in six easy steps


Tools needed: spanner, flat-head screwdriver, washer (ensure this is the right size for the tap).

1. Turn off the stop cock: By turning off the stop cock you will prevent flooding and enable the job to be done with minimal water escaping from the tap. If you are trying to fix a mixer tap then you will need to remember to turn off both hot and cold water.

2. Turn the tap ‘on’: To ensure your stop cock is in full working order, it is essential to turn the tap to the ‘on’ position before proceeding with the job. If water still flows from the tap then you will need to enlist the help of a plumber.

3. Take off the tap head: Use a spanner to release the tap head. By doing this you will reveal the faulty washer.

4. Replace the washer: Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the faulty washer. Place the new washer where the old one has been.

5. Re-assemble the tap: Put the tap back together again securely, ensuring it is in the same position as before.

6. Turn on the water: Use the stop-cock to turn the water back on. You should find the tap works normally but no longer drips or leaks when turned to the ‘off’ position.


How to fix taps which still drip with a new washer

If water still drips from the tap even though you have replaced the washer then you may need to replace the tap itself, a more complex job which you might need a plumber to help you with.


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We hope our guide on ‘how to fix taps’ has helped you to fix your leaking tap. If not, call today and we will send around one of our professional plumbers to help solve your problem.

How To Fix Taps: A Six-Step Guide

If you have serious problems with your plumbing and you are not trained to handle them, it may be advisable to call a plumber to assess the situation and advise a suitable fix. However, if you know that your problem is simply a leaking tap then this guide on ‘how to fix taps’ might be all you need.


Leaking taps and how you can fix them

Leaking or dripping taps are some of the most common problems experienced by homeowners, and failing to fix leaky taps can leave you with an increased water bill, a build-up of lime scale and an irritating noise which just never goes away.


Fortunately, the problem can usually be fixed simply by changing the washer. Here is our six-step guide on how to fix taps by changing the washer.

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