Clearing blockages like a plumber


Hot and cold running water, free-flowing sinks and basins, central heating, working toilets – and a system free of leaks, blockages and strange odours – all things we take for granted.

But the plumbing system in your London home is a hard working one, and occasionally something will go wrong. You might need a plumber, in which case is only ever a phone call away.

But you might just need to clear the U-bend, or use the plunger – straightforward, simple household tasks that you can do yourself without much difficulty. In this section we’ll look at when you should take the plunge, and when you’ll need to call

London plumber

Unclogging your drains keeps the plumber away

Prevention is better than cure. Making an effort to ensure your drains don’t get clogged is easier in the long run than trying to clear a stubborn blockage. Try to get into the habit of running hot water through the drains after you’ve done the washing up – and pour a cup of vinegar or soda crystals down the drains once a month to keep them flowing.

All year round, but particularly in Spring and Autumn, check that your outside gullies are clear of leaves and debris – so that water drains away easily.

Make sure you know where your main stopcock, and other key isolation valves are – and how to turn it off. That way if a pipe does burst you’ll know how to shut off the water to the house, preventing further damage.