Advice on choosing a London Plumber


How should you go about finding the right London plumber for you? With hundreds of plumbers in the capital to choose from, finding a plumber who is reliable and efficient is a common dilemma for London households.

Is the plumber in your area of London?

If the plumbing company is based in London, find out if they do regular plumbing work in your area. It’s always best if someone local to your area can fix the problem, that way they can quickly carry out any revisits. Remember also that your plumber can be a valuable asset to have over time; it’s important to have someone you can depend on to turn up at short notice for any future plumbing issues you might have.

London plumber

Is the plumber or plumbing company registered?

Reputable London plumbers should be registered with an approved body or organisation. Ideally your plumber should be registered with Gas Safe or another reputable body and the company should be Trust Mark and ISO accredited. This will ensure they are sticking to specific codes of practice and quality standards. It’s vital that you get someone who works efficiently and leaves your home in the condition they found it in.

Get clarification on your London plumber’s rates before booking?

Describe the problem you’re having in detail over the phone; your plumber should be able to give you their hourly or half hourly rates and an idea of how long the job is likely to take (not always possible, but sensible to ask the question). If they can’t give you rates , move on – there are plenty of plumbers in London who will do this for you happily. Also remember to ask if there is a call out fee and whether there are any other hidden charges such as petrol, parking or congestion charge. When comparing London plumbers make sure you are comparing apples with apples.

Are there any guarantees in place? Does your London Plumber have insurance?

Check what insurance the plumber or plumbing company has in place. Make sure they hold public and employers liability insurance as a minimum. Also when choosing a plumber in London check their guarantee period under their standard terms and conditions. A customer focused approach to plumbing is always a good marker.

How long has your plumber been operating in London?

Ask a potential plumber how long they have been in business, and how experienced they are with your type of problem. If they are a long established company or individual, and they’ve been working for several years, it’s a good indication of how reputable they are. New or inexperienced plumbers may take more time to do a household job, which could cost you more money in the long run.