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We need Britain to fall in love with DIY again on Tue 7th April, 2015

'We need Britain to fall in love with DIY again' - boss

Will Davies of leading property maintenance company, has vowed to get the UK falling in love with DIY again after discovering Kingfisher's announcement this week to close 60 B&Q stores.

One of the reasons behind the cuts is reportedly due to the decline in number of Britons willing to 'do it themselves', particularly those from Generation Rent.

Davies says Britain needs to fall in love with DIY again, and this would then stop the skills shortage crisis from deepening.

In the past, Davies has run public DIY classes with which encouraged dozens before to perform property maintenance work themselves - something which he's planning to re-introduce.

"Introducing these classes cut down the number of people who rang us for non-emergency repairs. While these jobs we relish, they waste our engineers' times who are more useful performing jobs on genuinely urgent matters," says Davies.

"The DIY classes were really helpful and I'm glad to be introducing them again. I want to do my bit to get the DIY-scene back alive".

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