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Property owners must prepare for the coldest Easter on record on Mon 25th March, 2013

Property maintenance expert Will Davies warned home and business-property owners to prepare their buildings for a continued Arctic blast and the coldest Easter on record.

“At this time of year, many people sub-consciously switch off and regard winter as over,” said Mr Davies – co founder of property maintenance and refurbishment company

“But making sure that all properties are checked regularly and correctly maintained during cold weather is sure to save themselves money in the long run,” he said.

March 2013 looks set to record the lowest temperatures for 50 years and forecasters are predicting the coldest Easter ever!

The cold has already claimed at least four lives and the Met. Office has reported that wind-chill will be responsible for dropping temperatures as low as -15ºC across much of the country.
“It is too easy to underestimate the impact from ice, snow, rain and strong wind at this time of year. If the cold weather continues, as it is forecast to do, making repairs can prove difficult and therefore costly,” said Mr Davies.

“It is far better to instigate a simple regime of maintenance checks. Look out for signs of weather damage to the roof, gutters, drains, door and window frames. Nipping any problems in the bud before they turn into big maintenance jobs is sure to keep costs down. And, giving your property regular checks and MOTs will keep those big tasks at bay,” he said.

Heavy snow and strong winds have created the snow drifts that have disrupted travel, closed schools and brought down power lines across Britain.

Severe weather warnings for ice have been issued for today in many parts of the UK.

“Bad weather can be especially hard on the old folks, especially during a time of record power costs, and everyone should try and play a part in making simple checks on the vulnerability of their homes to harsh weather,” said Mr Davies.

Bookmakers have slashed the odds for a ‘white’ Easter Sunday to the shortest that they have ever been; Edinburgh is 2/1, London 5/1 and Cardiff 7/1.

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