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Government policies throw more families into fuel poverty says property entrepreneur on Tue 18th December, 2012

Mr Davies – who is the co-founder of property management and refurbishment company – was speaking following the publication of a scathing report from the Fuel Poverty Advisory Group saying that a further 300,000 families will be pushed into fuel poverty this Christmas by the latest round of price rises.

“ undertakes 1000’s refurbishments every year which involve improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Improving Britain’s ageing building stock is obviously important work but raising the cash through tarrifs added by the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers impacts directly on the poorest in our society,” said Mr Davies – who was an investment banker before creating

“The government would be better off using money from other ‘Green Taxes’ to pay for home insulation rather than an ‘across-the-board’ fuel tax,” he said.

The Fuel Poverty Advisory Group (FPAG) – which was created to advise Government - warned that policies were: 'completely inadequate to tackle the scale of the problem' and warned improving home insulation would send fuel bills even higher and that they were not doing enough to 'soften the blow' for struggling families.

FPAG warned that Government policies would force nine million families into fuel poverty by 2016 and that home insulation work was adding an average of £116 to fuel bills annually.

FPAG Chairman Derek Lickorish said: “Millions are living in misery due to high energy bills and yet time is running out for the Government to poverty-proof the homes of those on the lowest incomes.

“A toxic cocktail of rising wholesale prices, the high cost of energy reforms and cuts in incomes for many households means fuel poverty levels are set to skyrocket without radical action.”

Mr Lickorish – who is an experienced energy company executive - added that green taxes from Brussels would add a further £63billion to energy bills over the next 15 years.

Also this week, Ofgem has warned that government plans to improve the energy infrastructure will add, on average, a further £12 to household energy bills.

“Updating energy infrastructure and improving the energy efficiency of UK housing stock is essential work but we cannot accept the poorest in our society to fund it,” said Will Davies.

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