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Give skilled illegal migrants automatic visas – property maintenance chief on Mon 10th August, 2015

The government are missing a golden opportunity as they pledge to step up their action against illegal migrants, according to Will Davies of leading property maintenance company

Immigration Minister, James Brokenshire has said that they are focusing on three sectors in their clampdown against migrants – construction, care and cleaning.

However, Davies argues that a lot of them have the skills and qualifications to do an effective job in the construction industry. He encourages the government to give people in this situation an automatic visa, help Britain build more homes and be a solution to solving the skills shortage crisis.

“The skills shortage situation in the UK is clear for all to see and we need to encourage more people in the sector,” said Will Davies. “Some may argue that the migrants are ‘taking our jobs’, but they’re doing jobs they have the skills for – something many young Brits in particular don’t possess.”

“At this rate, the government are going to lose out on their 200,000 new homes a year target. The more people to help reach this goal, the better it will be for our economy and the housing market in the long-term.”

Despite this, Davies does say that the government should approach this with caution and consider the labour workforce first-and-foremost.

“We have also seen that this creates competitive tension in the workforce and encourages homegrown labour to up their game,” adds Davies.

“Clearly this will need careful thought and management to ensure we gain maximum benefit and look after the interests of our population, but turning our back on skilled individuals is a waste of resource that could create value and advantage for the UK.”

“The migrants want to be in Britain and many want to add value and make a go of life in the UK – more than some Brits do. Their passion to boost their lives should be an inspiration for young people in the UK who prefer to moan about their unemployment on Twitter rather than getting the skills to compete.”

Davies does however warn the ‘rogue employers’ who are reportedly hiring migrants on low wages.

“The private sector needs to lead the way in doing the right thing for employees – giving people the right wage, providing them with a decent work / life balance,” adds Will Davies.

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