30 August 2011

Brand name change

Will Davies, aspect.co.uk MD

You may have noticed that we recently changed our name from Aspect Maintenance to aspect.co.uk, and – at the same time – we decided to refresh and update our brand.

Every couple of years, we do a full review of our company messaging and brand position. We felt that 2011 was the perfect time to move the brand on. We wanted to make sure our new brand conveyed the message that aspect.co.uk does a lot more than just property maintenance – so we’ve gone with the tagline ‘one call property care’... one place for all your property needs. Customer care is key, and we were keen to reflect this through the brand.

And, as a property maintenance and refurbishment business, one of our core focuses is to make sure people can easily find us online and offline, whether they are returning or new customers. When you have a property emergency, you need to be able to find us quickly. We’ve also opted for a memorable telephone number – ‘0800 one call’.

Our design agency has created a new logo with bright neon colours, and we’ve updated all our stationery and branding. We’re now beginning to roll out the re-brand across all the company uniform, and updating our fleet of vehicles at a rate of two per month.

So far – both employee and customer reaction has been very positive, and we’re looking to completely roll out the re-brand, as we take aspect.co.uk nationwide.

Will Davies signature

William Davies
Managing Director