Customer Complaints

We hope you have been impressed with our service, but if for any reason you’re not, please tell us! We are always happy to receive comments, feedback and suggestions, and provide a variety of means by which you can do this.

What will do

- Treat complaints seriously and deal with them properly
- Resolve complaints promptly and informally whenever possible
- Learn from complaints and take action to improve our service
- Ensure that complaints are treated in confidence

What to do if you have a complaint

It is always better if you can let us know straight away. Most complaints can be sorted out quickly by a member of staff at the place you are visiting, and our staff will welcome the opportunity to do this if at all possible.

If it is not possible to complain at the time you can contact by email, by phone or in writing.

Email us at:

Phone us on: 020 8879 6955

Write to us at:
Customer Services Department
Unit E7,
Barwell Business Park,
Leatherhead Road,

Fill in our feedback form. 

What happens next?

If you complain in person or over the phone, we will try to resolve the issue there and then. Similarly, if you complain by email or in writing we will always acknowledge your complaint within the next 5 business days, and do everything we can to resolve it with 21 days. If this is not possible, we will explain why and give a new deadline.